Monday, May 23, 2011

toyota supra 2010

toyota supra 2010. Toyota Supra Wide-Body Red
  • Toyota Supra Wide-Body Red

  • jord1985
    Nov 24, 12:05 AM
    For the first visit i had to pay 154.00 when i broke my toe 4 weeks ago. This time I had insurance so I don't know how much it will be. i've been going to this guy for 13 years im sure they have me on some discount program hahah.

    toyota supra 2010. 2010 toyota supra
  • 2010 toyota supra

  • NAG
    Apr 21, 11:54 AM
    I'm betting it is a cache and somebody forgot to write code to cull the old data. Stupid mistake, in other words. Hopefully, Apple will say something either way.

    toyota supra 2010. new Toyota Supra as Toyota
  • new Toyota Supra as Toyota

  • smulji
    May 2, 04:31 PM
    Hmm..that'll feel odd...

    Hold down for 2(ish) seconds
    click 'X'
    click 'ok'.


    Drag to trash...

    Seems like change for the sake of change. Hardly a groundbreaking new feature.

    It's not about being groundbreaking perse. It's about making the look & feel of the UI similar to iOS devices so that those who use are using iOS devices but switching to the Mac don't have a steep learning curve.

    Makes sense to me.

    toyota supra 2010. Images JDM Toyota Supra
  • Images JDM Toyota Supra

  • techluvr
    Jan 31, 03:44 PM
    2008 Honda Civic Si

    Most Civics look horrible. That one looks awesome.

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota Supra Replacement Due
  • Toyota Supra Replacement Due

  • islanders
    Dec 27, 11:20 PM
    For $299 I will guess you would get a dvd, and a download streaming device for iTV. But if you need a mac mini then you would have two dvd players. I hope there is an upgrade for some computer functions such as websurfing and word processing.

    Comcast has video on demand and there is no additional hardware. This services is supposed to expand.

    I don�t see a surround sound audio amp for $299. Perhaps a dock for your iPod, or the iPod is the harddrive.

    I�m really curious where this iTV might be going?

    toyota supra 2010. Tuned Toyota Supra
  • Tuned Toyota Supra

  • MagicBoy
    Feb 24, 06:49 PM
    The diesel is an Italian (VM Motori) design, and on paper the numbers are pretty good: 150hp and 240 ft-lbs from a 2L I4. It's a common rail direct injection motor, but not turbocharged.

    It's got to be turbocharged for that amount of power and torque. There hasn't been a common rail non-turbo diesel made that I'm aware of. The last non-Turbo cars I recall being sold over here were the venerable VAG SDI which was rough as anything but lasted forever, and the PSA XUD. Both disappeared from new cars about 5 years ago.

    Turbo Diesels are cleaner and more fuel efficient even with significantly more power.

    I'll be sticking with my TDI PD engined Skoda. Thumping performance, 65mpg on a run and none of the electronics and emissions kit to go wrong. Plus I can make soot on demand to annoy BMW drivers :D

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 2010.
  • Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 2010.

  • FireStar
    Oct 20, 03:12 PM
    i found one that matches a case that i bought for my iphone a while back!

    snatched it up for 6 bucks! what a deal. i think i might get black next..
    Darn. I thought it wasn't generic for a second. But it still looks nice.

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota Supra 2010
  • Toyota Supra 2010

  • ecoons
    Jan 12, 01:20 PM
    I don't know if anyone has said this one yet, but... Lets say you are using a Mac Mini for your media center, well the FrontRow remote is very limited in terms of what it can DO and if you take a look at how FrontRow plays DVDs vs the Leopard DVD Player, you will see that the player is a MUCH better interface.......when using a mouse. But sitting at the couch with a mouse is pretty impractical. So how could they have a mouse when you are at your couch?

    Think Wii. What if they managed to have a similarly small remote with the same 5 functions but you could use it to point at the screen as if using a mouse. THEN I could also see surfing the web on your HDTV with your wireless keyboard and new remote to be much more of a breeze (pun intended). Maybe a new AppleTV is in the air?

    toyota supra 2010. 2010 Toyota Supra Interior
  • 2010 Toyota Supra Interior

  • Evangelion
    Aug 25, 04:00 AM
    I think the 64 bitness isn't really necessary for a Mac mini.

    64bitness brings other benefits for x86, besides increased address-space.

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota supra brunette
  • Toyota supra brunette

  • nagromme
    Apr 2, 07:05 PM
    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota | coupe | Toyota Supra
  • Toyota | coupe | Toyota Supra

  • Millah
    Apr 27, 02:57 AM
    I think that's the point MS was making with it's objection, citing that Eastern Airlines had tried to trademark "Shuttle", and even though people associated Shuttle with Eastern, because the word was used so often, "shuttle" had (or became?) a "de-facto secondary" meaning. The courts ruled against Eastern and all the other airlines (New York airlines shuttle, Delta shuttle, etc) were allowed to use the word. MS then pointed out a list of examples of how 'app store' is used and has now attained a "de-facto secondary' meaning too. (I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just pointing out the Microsoft's case)

    But did Eastern successfully trademark it? I dont know if they did, but it sounds like they didn't. That's the difference here. Apple was granted the trademark. The only reason it's become a de-facto meaning is because ALL of apples competitors have piggybacked off what Apple created. If "app stores" had existed the way they do now before the iPhone, and it was a de-facto meaning back then, then this would be different. But that's not the case. The term app store was clearly created by Apple, marketed by Apple, and most importantly turned into a success by Apple. No one but Apple. Consumers are aware of app stores and apps because of Apples work. And now the competition just piggybacks off Apples work and reaps the rewards off it. But that's a fact of life anytime someone invents something great.

    toyota supra 2010. his Toyota MK3 Supra Twin
  • his Toyota MK3 Supra Twin

  • puma1552
    Jan 5, 08:53 AM
    Avoid that BMW like the plague.

    German + high miles = no way

    Been there, done that, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Shame on me.

    I'd rather take my chances with an old pile of an American car, because at least it will be cheaper to fix constantly.

    Old BMWs are great if you like $1000 surprises. For the price you'll pay in repairs, you could have a car 2.5 times more expensive with a regular, planned, budgeted payment.

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota Supra 2010
  • Toyota Supra 2010

  • JoeG4
    Feb 27, 01:39 AM

    I finally got a new chair. My 7 year old awesome chair sits up in my bedroom making an awesome tv chair now. :D

    Since the theme lately is "Show how your desk REALLY looks!" this one has a pile of papers on the desk and some random chair assembly stuff laying around as my mother bought a chair too! lol. :D

    toyota supra 2010. Toyota Supra up for the 2010
  • Toyota Supra up for the 2010

  • Ichneumon
    Mar 24, 03:14 AM
    I've never had an iPod, only an iPhone and iPad, but can the iPod classic be used as a hard drive for storage? I didn't know that. How does that work?

    If it would allow that, I think I might buy a classic, if it updates in september. I could use more space for my videos and music and if it also functions as a portable hard drive, I can justify buying it even more.

    toyota supra 2010. Some sexy toyota cars for ya.
  • Some sexy toyota cars for ya.

  • RonHC
    May 2, 05:04 PM
    I got a another newbie question
    I am planning on moving out of Windows (7) and onto MAC OS X, but I want to wait for Lion since its close to a finished product. Now my question is, if Lion comes out, would that mean every Mac (Mac Pro, iMac, iMac mini, Macbook, MB Pros, etc) would have Lion installed/packaged or is there a specific mac that will have Lion on its first day and the other macs would have to wait???

    toyota supra 2010. 2011 TOYOTA SUPRA

  • FireStar
    Oct 30, 01:14 PM
    I need a case too :(

    I'm looking for a case that can protect from drops/falls and shocks. Screen cover is not necessary, because if the case doesn't come with one I can always buy a separate screen protector.

    right now I'm looking at stuff like this case listed on amazon (

    but I don't feel safe with just some random generic case, so does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard otterbox offers good cases with drop/shock protection, but there are none for the itouch 4g right now.

    For price, as low as possible, but I would be willing to shell out 30 for a good case (like otterbox!)

    oh and did I mention that drop/shock protection is important? :D

    any recommendations are good

    thx guys
    Switcheasy. Not much out yet though. Sad face. :(

    toyota supra 2010. toyota supra 2010 orange
  • toyota supra 2010 orange

  • andiwm2003
    Nov 15, 02:32 PM
    So, that means that there's no practical reason Apple couldn't give an 8-core BTO option right away... Say, for around an additional $999? (The 3GHz quad-core model is an additional $799.) For those that need it, the extra $200 would be well worth it. For those that just want the bragging rights, well, I guess they can afford the $200.

    let's see if there will be a cpu market. people buy quadcore chips to max out their 3.0 mac pros. then they sell their 3.0 chips to the owners of 2.0 mac pros. i wish there was a way to put the 2.0 xeons into mac mini's;)

    toyota supra 2010. modified toyota supra
  • modified toyota supra

  • swingerofbirch
    Jul 19, 06:39 PM
    I didn't hear the entire conference call--did anyone ask about the virtual slave labor they've got going on in China?

    It's easy to have good numbers when it's someone else's belt your tightening!

    toyota supra 2010. Archive ad: 1990 Toyota Supra
  • Archive ad: 1990 Toyota Supra

  • diotav
    Nov 25, 06:28 PM
    Received my brand new MacBook Air 11" today, YAY!

    (1,6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD)

    Sep 6, 06:14 PM
    But hopefully these are a better resolution than the current TV show on Itunes. It should be at least DVD quality, If not these price model will bomb IMHO.
    agreed, although I don't think I'd ever pay more than $9.99... I'd rather just buy the DVD.

    Jul 16, 06:54 PM
    That's only because one of the biggest brands keeps using it. I honestly can't think of anything Sony doesn't make that uses MS besides card readers.
    Even sony must realize its not gonna be such a good idea long term...some of their better cameras don't use it- the new Digital SLR has an adapter to use it- it uses a real professional media format instead.
    Yup. Plus, Sony has LOTS of consumer based digital cameras on the market. Most normal people are still new to digital cameras, so they see a bunch of Sony's on sale at Best Buy & they're like "Oh, Sony. I heard they make good cameras." So, they buy one & the salesman says "Hey, you need a memory stick with that." Customer pays it without really looking at other options & Sony just sold to another noob sucker.

    Thats why Memory Stick is so popular with average consumers, but not with serious amateurs & pros. They know better.

    Mar 26, 05:46 AM
    Neat. And we used to think Mattel Football was pretty cool. So was the Nintendo Game&Watch and some of the Tomy stuff.

    I always get a chuckle out of the dismissive hardcore "gamer" types who are ready to pooh-pooh anything that doesn't fit into their myopic, narrowly defined notions of what "gaming" or indeed, fun, is or isn't. Shows a lack of perspective and critical thought.

    Is this setup perfect? No, in many respects, but kudos to Firemint for their efforts and what they've achieved on a generic, multi-functional, platform that isn't dedicated exclusively to games.

    Now, get off my lawn.

    Mar 4, 08:12 PM
    From the first article "A diesel Cruze would be about 12 percent more fuel efficient than the ECO, but diesel is about 9 percent more expensive than gasoline, eliminating the majority of the benefit." Also from the article, the ECO costs $19,000. In England, GM charges an extra $2700 for the diesel version. So it looks like you have to drive a lot of miles before you break even.

    Am I anti diesel? Hardly, I bought a diesel Dodge Ram back in 1999 and still have it. At the time the initial cost was several thousand more than a gas model. Diesel fuel at that time was significantly less expensive than gasoline and the fuel economy was a lot better. I still have that truck though for my daily commute, I drive my Chevy Lumina as it gets 20 mpg in town (much better than my truck). If fuel prices keep going up, a may commute by bicycle this summer... I may do that anyway for health reasons though not if it gets too hot.

    Apr 19, 03:31 PM
    This is What I Wanna See:

    iMac 27" (Quad Core)
    $1,999.99 (Base)

    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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