Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • Herdfan
    May 6, 03:10 PM
    I am going to be picking up my new 27" iMac at the store tomorrow. For the past 4 years I have been using a 24" Dell at 1920x1200. Since the 27" iMac is 2560x1140, do most people run it at native or something lower?

    I am looking forward to the increased screen size so I can have more rows/columns viewable, but not sure I want them any smaller.

    I sit about 24-30" away from the screen.

    How would the 27" look at something lower?

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  • AaronMT
    Dec 28, 09:38 AM

    Toronto -11C

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  • SanFranKyle
    Apr 13, 04:47 PM
    I've been waiting and waiting, like many others for the white iPhone 4 to be released, and have been disappointed. I think I'm going to get a used iPhone 4 black (hopefully in shotty condition for cheap) and buy the white kit and transfer.

    Will the proximity sensor work?
    Will the earpiece work?
    Are these faulty in all white conversions?
    How bad is the camera really?

    Any insight would be very much appreciated.

    Breakdown here:

    Proximity Sensor will work at about 85% with the sharpie fix. To the point where you really won't notice it not working, just auto dimming and stuff like that suffers.

    Earpiece will work.

    All white conversions will have this, unless it's real high quality, which I have not heard of yet.

    Camera is not bad. Without flash there is no problem. Using flash you may or may not have bleed, it's kinda luck of the draw. Might be able to fix it if you can find a way to block light bleed. Super low light conditions, where flash is definitely needed is where your pictures will be useless.

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  • trainguy77
    Nov 12, 01:18 PM
    Intel only.... @#%$&*!

    well at least we know have a client to fold with.....Before we had to fold in rosetta.

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  • tehnoobzorz
    May 3, 01:34 AM
    the only issue with the iphone camera is the white balance and it has some pink vignette/bluish center under fluorescent light

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  • Koodauw
    Dec 20, 07:09 PM
    Perhaps you plugged in your firewire cord backwards?

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  • eternlgladiator
    Feb 18, 02:42 PM
    I'm interested to see what he's planning to build in it's place.!5649909

    These were out quite awhile ago since he needed them to get approval to demolish a "historical home". They're aren't crazy detailed and I've heard they may be faked but it seems very utilitarian just like most apple products.

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  • glen e
    May 3, 02:47 PM
    Download and install Flash.

    got it thanks - it would not engage on that page but went the other way and selected osx and it worked

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  • THFourteen
    Mar 18, 05:08 AM
    damn. i was hoping everyone would go to Regent Street.

    Not sure i'll be there at 4am!!!

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  • PlaceofDis
    Aug 6, 02:24 PM
    very nice. good work. *cough*copycat*cough*

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  • maturola
    Mar 14, 12:39 PM
    Jailbreak tools don't help restore to earlier firmware. It's more the other way around -- people save SHSHs in case a jailbreak method requires a downgrade to earlier firmware. If you didn't save the SHSH, there's no way to downgrade, now or ever.

    Thank for telling me how the Jailbreaks tools works :rolleyes:

    I didn't mean to say that new tool will allow him to downgrade without SHSHs, I meant to say that he is stuck until the new tool is release that can Jailbreak 4.3 and he can get all his stuff back. ;)

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  • macEfan
    Dec 8, 07:35 PM
    I have an 8MB SIMM that came out of an that 30 pin or 72?

    thanks, but the LCIII is 72 pin :)

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  • matteusclement
    Apr 5, 05:06 PM
    so I got my gear in today. The purpose for me is to be able to do interviews with minimal gear. All in all, it cost me $50 canadian.

    I dont know how to post photos or else i would post how it looks.
    It will serve my purpose for interviews.

    Here is the list of the gear.

    here is the cord extension for the mic:

    here is the mic:

    here is the case and wide angle lens:

    the tripod or handle to hold the phone:

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  • wolrabn
    May 1, 04:12 PM
    Thanks for the response,

    In all honestly that's something I'm not 100 percent sure on. The guy that had the phone before me knows nothing other than how to use it and as its always been in dfu I havemt been able to check. However as I have jailbroke with redsn0w on cust firmwar 4.2 I would assume its been updated to the ipad baseband? Although as it reverts back to dfu I can't even be sure the jailbreak has been succesful....

    Rather puzzled by it to say the least. I've done some reading on using iRecovery so going to try that later on and see how it goes- I'm ocd when it comes to fixing stuff like this so really don't want to call it quits!!

    Do you think the baseband would have an effect on it failing restores?

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  • mpshay
    Apr 13, 06:13 AM
    How well does the Trim protect your phone? If I dropped my iPhone on a parking lot from about 3 feet do you think it would be ok?
    Also, could you tell me which Belkin armband you have?
    I think it would help proptect the phone in a 3 foot drop, but I'm not willing to intentially test that for you. I actually use a belikn armband designed for the ipod touch (DualFit) because I already owned it.

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  • tdhurst
    Sep 28, 09:41 AM
    Hi, I'm going to be ordering a 12" PB in the next couple of weeks, whether the much rumored revisions happen or not but in would be cool if they did. This will be my first Mac and I'm very excited but I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you guys think of Bluetooth mice?
    In my experience with Apple's BT mouse, I have only noticed lag when I had my BT keyboard hook up as well. Macally's mouse got great reviews, so I would recommend you go for it.

    2) RAM - I'm going to max out the RAM (1.25g) so is there any advantage to the RAM Apple installs on built-to-order machines that makes it worth the $400 price tag or is this just the cost of convenience?
    Simply convenience bought a 1gig Corsair chip for my 1.5Ghz 12" powerbook and have had absolutely ZERO problems. Just make SURE it's guaranteed to work in your machine and you should be just fine.

    3) I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing work with this computer, I know it's not the ideal machine for it but it's what I can afford and it should do the job until I can buy something better.
    Any sort of laptop holder is fine. I have used the iCurve and am currently using the podiumpad (only real difference between them is height, the iCurve forces you to use an external keyboard) but besides that, you are going to be just fine. Fans wouldn't help much unless they were inside the case, but I have run Halo, the Doom 3 demo, Final Cut, InDesign, etc. without any problems. Yes, the internal fan does turn on and the powerbook gets warm, but never HOT.

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  • aholden12592
    Mar 29, 09:04 AM
    I dont really want to drop 100 dollars right now but are there no psp games that can last that long. Let me reput the question - i need 5-10 hours of gameplay

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  • decksnap
    Aug 16, 11:38 AM
    No 1,000,000 on this one. (see my other one) Just for animation category, not 1,000,000 category. Or- if you watch it for long enough, it will rotate 1,000,000 times!!!

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  • MacBytes
    Sep 8, 05:29 PM (

    Category: Tips and How To's
    Link: Type the Apple  symbol on your iPhone � revisited (
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    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug

    Mar 30, 05:03 PM
    i used to do a lot of traveling and my PSP kept me

    if you're into old school, i got a lot of play out of the Pirates! remake for the PSP and it's at bargain bin prices now.

    I second the vote for pirates!. It nice and mostly open ended too, so if you get bored playing game of it, you can play it again and have different results if you will. The other game game for my psp i have enjoyed a lot is burnout legends, nothing like crashing cars, plus i find that the psp controls lends itself out well to racing games.

    Aug 6, 02:24 PM
    very nice. good work. *cough*copycat*cough*

    Jul 8, 02:37 AM
    I should have noted before that when they put the "dent" in the button it was an improvement.

    Aug 4, 09:57 AM
    Hopefully it won't damage any satellites.

    Aug 26, 11:35 AM
    ehm, lets see:
    could be...

    -ubar tmar album: fusion
    -REbRO " : no one gets out

    have a look in the itunes music store, if you have itunes ofcourse

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