Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Function and Choosing Right Oil For Car

In general we assume that the main function is as a lubricant engine oil. Though oil has another function that is not less important, namely, among others, as cooler, Patron of Rust, cleaners and Closing Gaps in the wall machine.

All these functions are very closely related, as lubricants, oil will create friction between the components in the engine move more subtle, making it easier for machines to achieve an ideal working temperature.
Additionally Oil also acts as a heat transfer fluid reaches the combustion chamber of 1000-1600 degrees Celsius to other parts of the engine cooler.

With the level of consistency, adjusted for volume and capacity needs of the machine. The more viscous oil, the level of leakage will be smaller, but the other resulted in increased workloads for the oil pump.
In addition, the content of additives in the oil, will make a film on the cylinder wall in order to protect the engine at the start. At the same time prevent rust, even if the vehicle is not used for a long time. Beside that also contain detergent additives in lubricants to function as a solvent for impurities result of burning residual oil turnover time is wasted.


Increasing number of oil options at this time, will certainly make us a little confused, because all the oil producers would say they are the best oil. But there are some things that might be used as a reference, among others, recognize the character of your vehicle, engine specification and which the majority of your driving environment (temperature, humidity, dust, etc..).

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