Friday, May 27, 2011

Constant Vehicle, Fuel Efficient

You may often see drivers who often drive the vehicle in high speed, of course, with reasons for quickly get to their destination? But did you know that the vehicle is driven in speed above the average car fuel can drain faster than it should, not to mention the risk of accidents to be borne? To overcome the risk of wasteful gasoline, WHEELS team gives a few tips that may be useful for Anda.Langkah first (this is quite difficult, especially for those who have souls racers) is to keep the vehicle so that the rate remains constant. Each time you want to move the teeth, try to make the car the RPM range stands at 3000-4000 (for a gasoline vehicle) and 2500-3500 (for a diesel).

That way, gasoline / diesel fuel that is used as the primary energy resources to run the vehicle also 'burn' with the number konstan.Untuk uphill road, the speed and the above items are mainly to be addressed. As for the descent, the braking / brake use should also be constant in maintaining vehicle speed. Who stepped on the brake must be balanced, and keep that RPM does not exceed the specified limit (one way is to move the gear). In addition, the teeth play in your car so that the speed and the rate constant RPM.

The final step is in the open car window. Often times a travel near or far away (especially if the car is not equipped with refrigeration equipment), we open the car window so that cool air to flow inside. But make no mistake, if need be opened, try to do just one but both sides (left and right) windows are opened. Because if you only open one side only, then the air circulation will run only one direction (incoming) and by itself will hamper the rate of vehicle speed. Automatic, more fuel will be drained.

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