Friday, May 27, 2011

Clutch Car to Long Life

Canvas clutch does have a life. The more intense the canvas work, the faster the thin surface. When you are thin, an important component in the vehicle drive system should we replace it immediately. On average, once every 4 years. However, do not get me wrong. Many riders who have to replace the canvas clutch much faster than they should. Not solely because of quality problems. But, because of errors in the style of driving. As riders, we can slightly extend the life of the canvas clutch when treated appropriately.

Some time ago, I never called for when driving a car we do not often tread half clutch. The effect of wear is very clear. Stamping a bear like this puts the canvas clutch friction at very hard. That is why the surface of the canvas will be more quickly eroded. This habit is still often done by the rider. Especially, in solid lines and when climbing. They argue, with a half step on the clutch, the engine will not die. Some validity, but more cause losses. That's why we put it in the first place.

The second way that we have to consider is when you remove the clutch pedal. Canvas clutch would be much more durable if when doing shift the transmission, we do not release the clutch pedal stomping. Remove it slowly. And third, the use of the transmission gear must be in accordance with vehicle speed. Do not accustomed to using high gear when the car speed is low. This habit is still often done the rider. For example, use 4th gear when the vehicle speed is only 20km/jam. Actually, all these calls related to the position of canvas clutch. As part of the vehicle drive system, couplings and their canvas into components of the link between the engine and drive wheels. He served to continue the power generated from the engine to the drive wheels spin. So-wheel drive vehicle capable of moving the total load. Canvas clutch will be longer age when she really we place solely as a liaison. Not as a drag load of the vehicle. Way, follow the above three habits.

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