Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morris Mini Machines

Variations Morris Mini machines they are all different, but generally must use the original engine Morris because if you want to use another car, no place. Morris had a code machine A-series engine. For the period of 59-69 years, usually beginning with the machine code for the brand-xxxx MA2S Morris, AA2S brand-xxxx to Austin. 2S means Saloon 2 doors. After year 69, beginning with the machine code into XL-2S-1N-xxxxxx. In the same year in the UK use of the brand and the Austin Mini Morris Mini is lost is replaced with a Mini course.

There are 3 pieces of a common engine capacity: 850cc (848cc), 1000cc (998cc) and 1300CC (1275cc). Engine 850 is produced from 59-80, 1000 engine produced from 69-93 years. Early 1275 machines used on the Mini Cooper S production in 63-71. Then used also by the Mini 1275GT from 69-80 years. In 1990, engine 1275 is used again. In 1993, all Mini 1275cc engine wear. Rover Mini Cooper 1275 Injection engine wear since 1991, followed by the regular Mini in 1994.

Mini transmission has 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. Automatic transmission is available since 1964.

Carburetor Mini since the beginning is SU Carburetors. from the years 1959-1974 using HS2 carburetor diameter 1 1 / 4 inches. Since the year 74, using HS4 carburetor larger diameter 1 1 / 2 inches. All Mini Cooper years 1961-1970 using double HS2 carburetor. Mini Cooper in 1990 using HIF44 carburetor diameter 1 3 / 4 inches.

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