Friday, May 27, 2011

Cleaning Stains Car Seat

Children are the fruit of his parents' hearts, and they often take them wherever the mother goes (especially when driving). Travel will also require special preparation, such as bringing lunch to eat / drink a child, or a change of clothes. For toddlers, one thing that never left the bottle of milk / beverage. Well, drink milk on the way this is a frequent minor disaster, because the condition of the road or something else, often milk spilled on Anda.Kejadian car seats are often not taken a headache, but make no mistake. Silence the stain of milk or beverages (except water) to seep into the seat will only make the smell sour or unpleasant smell. This can cause mold and draw the attention of disgusting animals like cockroaches into the car. Not to mention, it will make a dull stain. To overcome this, there are certain tips that can be done, of course, spend a little time with you.

There are several tools that can be used and can be obtained from around the house, namely a large brush, tooth brush, cloth napkins, white cloth, sprayer, water containing soap detergents, and lastly vacuum-cleaner. Then note the type of your car seat, there are two materials: leather and fabric, each of which requires different handling. For upholstery fabric, which matters more is its fast absorbing water / leak, so need a quick handling. As for the type of skin will be easier, since it is slow to absorb water. In addition, as a prevention of similar events happen in the future, it is better if the seat is covered by the cover each time taking children.Tips cleaning car seats from stains milk:

1. Clean upholstery vacuum cleaner premises.
2. Seprotkan detergent to the car seat.
3. Brush car seats until the stain disappears.
4. Dry using a vacuum cleaner.
5. Spray fragrances car.
6. Use the seat cover to avoid the car seat from stains.

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