Friday, May 27, 2011

Safe Driving from Bad People

The situation in Jakarta is increasingly not safe to make the drivers to be extra careful when driving. Therefore, it is not unusual hold-up action or seizure by rogue elements not responsible for the unsuspecting motorists, and often do great in crowded places. Therefore, there is baikny you who often drive on the way to a place considering the following tips, which are actually very sederhana.Sebelum leave the car in the parking lot, make sure all car doors locked and windows shut.

This error is often done when someone parked in a place, as a result when returning the car had vanished and he only regretted biia fate. Do not forget, though has been locked out, check again Anda.Hal second vehicle is to never open a car window unless your vehicle speed fast enough. Indeed, the atmosphere is hot plus a car air conditioner that often die (or even not equipped with air cooling device) makes one often opens the glass to get fresh air. Avoid this: for the open car window often encourage people who intend evil to do hold-up. If closed, not necessarily he dared to do so.

Do not leave valuables in the car sat out, or put these items in places that can be seen from outside the car. This should be considered especially for the mothers, who often put a cell phone or a bag of money on the seat or dashboard. This includes the use of cell phones when driving, especially when the car stopped at a red light. In addition to endanger other motorists (especially when driving), HP is the most interesting items for the mugger to launch the action.

Lastly, do not forget to bring the security tools that can be used in an emergency. Objects such as wheel lock, pliers, wrenches, a baseball bat could be useful to defend yourself if one day you are forced to defend themselves from penodong.Saat stop at the intersection which are often prone, try to keep a distance from vehicles ahead. Thus, when surrounded by criminals, you just step on the gas and leave the place. And if the person being followed, never stop in a quiet place because it will only endanger your own safety.

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