Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips for Keeping the Air Inside Car For Not Being Hot

Once you park the car more than 1.5 hours in the hot sun, then you get into the car, certainly seemed like the heat in the desert-in the daytime. Especially if you've just come out of your client's office with a variety of issues that you have to finish up, Well, so your head does not go "hot", follow these tips to minimize the temperature inside a car even if you had parked it in hot .

- Use a good quality window film
Select a window film with a thrust of heat is very high (40% -90%). The price is more expensive, but apart from a longer working life, will also increase your safety while in the car.

- Avoid skin seats
Leather seating does look more luxurious and comfortable, but comfort would be reduced when the seat is exposed to the sun, because the nature of the skin that absorbs heat.

- Try to park in a cool place
Nothing is more comfortable than your car apart parked under a shady tree, or in the building parking lot that is not exposed to heat. If possible you should park the vehicle in the parking lot of closed public.

- Use a sunshade screen
You should always provide a screen sunshade to protect the sun coming in from your windshield. Usually this is used in the windshield of your car when the car was parked to block the sun

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