Friday, May 27, 2011

Car Glass Cleaning from Mushrooms

Car glass is one of the vehicles is very important, because it can keep us in order to avoid ultraviolet light or rain water that often arise when unexpected. Not surprisingly, this section almost always looks dirty, but this will not be tolerated. Glass is too long not cleared will become dull and be where the growth of Mushrooms. To avoid it, clean your windshield with regularly within a certain period (if necessary every day in the rainy season).

To do so does not need to go to a beauty salon car, because it only takes simple objects that can be obtained from within the house such as bath liquid soap and sponge cleaning. Here are tips to clean the glass in order to avoid telling the fungus. The first step is to wash the affected parts of the glass surface stains / dirt with clean water. To do this, use a cloth that does not cause a rough surface on the fiber-fiber cloth can make your glass was smooth so it scratched and leave scars. Provide soap (liquid soap is usually mixed with water) to the glass surface, then wipe the foam merata.Untuk rinse, flush water to the surface followed by drying using a towel.

For this phase, so try not to wet wipes. Thus, the glass so free of stains and rust. As a treatment, avoid the parked car in a state of bronzed by the sun directly because it can accelerate the process of emergence of the fungus. Then, after every trip, do not forget to clean the car using a cloth or duster. And lastly, do not forget to clean the windshield at least every two weeks (of course besides washed).

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