Friday, May 27, 2011

Ethics Phone While Driving

Despite warnings not to phone while driving is often done, it is still more people who consider this warning lightly.

So do not be surprised if many collisions occur because of ethics cases on the phone while driving is not executed. Instead of sanctions with your abilities on the phone with one hand, but without realizing the risk of collision arises precisely because pacahnya driver concentration.

From studies ever conducted shows that using the HP while driving increases the risk of an accident up to four times. Accidents associated with the use of HP in Japan, most often occurred when the driver received a phone call.

Therefore, some countries have banned the use HP when driving. Although the use of hands-free is still allowed. However, there are a few tips on using HP when driving, among others:

1. Take advantage of features such as automatic redial and memory dial on your cell phone. Learn also use the keypad to use the speed dial without the need megalihkan attention from the road.

2. Use a hands free kit or put HP in the coverage of the hand, so do not need eyes off the road just to pick it up. If the condition does not allow you to answer just ignore the phone and let voice mail answer it. Just after the road is safe, you call back.

3. Immediately stop the conversation when you're in a dangerous traffic situation. Heavy rain or heavy traffic and at high risk for traffic accidents and that will definitely break the concentration driving.

4. It would be better if you step aside for a moment utuk phone with the speaker or do when traffic lights are red. But remember, do this in a safe place and do not belong in areas with high crime.

5. To discuss business talks tough and serious, never done when you're driving because it tends to disturb the concentration in driving

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