Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy birthday best friend poems

happy birthday best friend poems. happy birthday best friend
  • happy birthday best friend

  • kalimojo
    Apr 9, 09:34 AM
    many thanks its working

    happy birthday best friend poems. happy birthday best friend
  • happy birthday best friend

  • infidel69
    Apr 18, 12:25 PM
    Smartphones will never completly replace cameras. I know it's hard for some people to accept that not everyone owns a smartphone.

    happy birthday best friend poems. happy birthday best friend
  • happy birthday best friend

  • livingfortoday
    Sep 28, 04:22 PM
    I recommend reading the FAQ on graphics cards on Many cards will not fit, or will require a VRM move. In fact, most cards will require a VRM move, except for some flashed 5200's and Radeon 9000's. Also there are some GeForce3 and 2 cards that fit without a VRM move. They have a good list with specifics, check it out.

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  • three
    Aug 17, 05:19 PM
    My friend texted me asking if I wanted an old iMac for free, I obviously said yes. It is a snow 600MHz iMac G3 with 512MB of RAM, 40GB HD, and it works wonderfully. I'm currently looking for my 10.4 disks and going to install Tiger on it. Can't wait.

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  • iBlue
    Aug 6, 01:34 PM

    attachment (as per rules)

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  • cyberddot
    Mar 4, 04:39 PM
    I started folding with the G5 home computer for several reasons. First, I leave my computer on most of the time and really like the idea that for pennies I can have an application working on something useful for other people. Since I work in...<gasp>...IT, I also like the idea that processor time there is serving some higher cause.

    I also lost a family member to cancer, so there is some small motivation there to see if some cumulative work will help in the understanding of these diseases -- though mortality is part of living....

    Another reason? To contribute to the MacRumors Team ( effort and earn props for the team.

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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 30, 10:30 AM
    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue while running Windows 7 from boot camp: My internal speakers don't work - but all sounds work perfectly if I plug in a pair of headphones. I've read about a lot of cases where Windows 7 still assumes a pair of headphones have been plugged in with other Macs and that 'jiggling' the headphones resolves the issue, but that's not my problem. Windows 7 reports - correctly - that headphones are NOT plugged in, yet still no sound through my speakers.

    To make it even more frustrating, my speakers were working for the first few boots into Windows 7, but now I can't get a single sound. I've tried reloading all the latest bootcamp drivers, installing other sound drivers (Realtek and Cirrus) with no results. I don't boot into Win 7 often, but it would be nice to have sound. It's these kind of issues that do NOT make me miss the Win experience. :)

    Anyone else with this experience? I can't find anything that reports this problem with other MBAs. I'm running a 13" ultimate, but was curious to see if any other Late 2010 MBA owners were running into the same issue.

    Thanks for sharing any similar experiences!

    Just fyi- never had this problem with any of my Windows based desktops/laptops and my Macs with W7 installed. It isn't a common problem with Windows.

    That said- make sure you've updated to the latest version of Boot Camp, updated all the software updates available, and enabled the speakers as an output device (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound, then click Sound, then right click Speakers and click enable if it's disabled). Try the Configure option to test sound output in that menu too.

    happy birthday best friend poems. happy birthday best friend
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  • gazfocus
    Jan 14, 08:30 PM
    How much were the tickets? I'm thinking of saving up to go to MacWorld next year and make a holiday out of it.

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  • mrsir2009
    May 7, 12:22 AM
    Yeah I'll give you one-to-one for $10 an hour.

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  • Samsquantch
    Jan 29, 08:35 PM

    Guthrie Govan/Erotic Cakes

    Been listening to these two albums pretty frequently of late.

    happy birthday best friend poems. Free Best Friend Birthday Poem
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  • bedifferent
    May 2, 11:39 AM
    Didn't work for me. I also see this on two different 10.7 installs. Using the keyboard shortcuts or the menu bar to arrange by still works just no right click.
    See screenshot for list of keyboard shortcuts.

    Would moving the Finder preference file to your Desktop and starting help? If it's a Finder issue perhaps forcing Finder defaults may help?

    Quick question, how did you install Lion? I'm asking as some people installed it over Snow Leopard and are running into issues. You can install it fresh by burning the dmg in Lion(DP1 or 2, doesn't matter but DP2 will be best)/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg to DVD or USB:

    Creating a bootable OS X 10.7 Lion disc (Update: �and USB stick) (

    I booted up with a fresh SSD and installed fresh, and it fixed a lot of issues (such as not being able to delete any app's in Launchpad and some app's that were not working in DP2 update 2 work well).

    Hope this helps! I'm gonna post a thread with this info as well in case others want to know. :)

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  • neko girl
    Feb 20, 02:18 PM
    Installation instructions by Apple:

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  • AFPoster
    Mar 21, 03:23 PM
    This has been happening to a lot of people with the new '11 mbp's. Apparently it's the aluminum casing (from what has been said). Some people have the issue, other's dont. If you're in bootcamp I am guessing your in Windows and maybe the hardware didn't install correctly on that side.

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  • pyounderfire
    Apr 24, 06:10 PM
    For now - in MAC OS X 10.6.7, I have found the answer.

    The answer is: the parental controls. When parental controls are off then, the IMac will fall asleep.



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  • Doylem
    Feb 24, 03:54 AM
    The other posters are more diplomatic than me, but the adjectives say it all: "nice", mostly. Check out professional photography in those areas that interest you - landscape, wildlife, by the look of it - and see what top-class work looks like. And they get that quality of shot week in week out: so not only excellent, but consistently excellent.

    You need to tighten up on all aspects of your photography, and put 'pro' thoughts to one side until you can meet that quality threshold. Read books, I'd say, and online tutorials, and learn from shooting and being hyper-critical of your own work...

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  • Bobdude161
    Mar 23, 05:25 AM
    GodFather has been getting ok reviews but is basically the PS2 game with a bit of waggle

    Cooking Mama - has been getting 'AWFUL' reviews

    Blazing Angels - has sucked the ass on all formats - wii is meant to be no different.

    Ouch! That sucks!

    Hows the port for TD:U for PS2 (besides graphics)? Is there anything they took out of it, like the MMO racing feature or only racing half the island? I don't see any reviews for the ported game yet. :o

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  • MacBytes
    Jul 2, 09:42 AM (

    Category: Tips and How To's
    Link: 10.6.4's Black Email of Death (
    Description:: Somewhere, in recent updates to Safari 5.0 (included in the 10.6.4 update), something went wrong with the way applications pass text to each other. A post at MacFixIt suggests that the fault lies with WebKit, which is now �using rgb(0,0,0) as the value for the CSS �background-color� property for messages�. Whatever the cause, the fix is much easier than some published workarounds suggest...

    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Oct 20, 04:16 AM
    Nice job. I would probably smooth out the background surface for true Apple authenticity. ;)

    happy birthday best friend poems. happy birthday best friend
  • happy birthday best friend

  • lacoste-rocker
    Apr 26, 11:00 PM
    Awesome! Can't wait to see it :) don't let the Apple police find you. FOr anyone who quotes me, yes I realize that this probably wasn't stolen property. It's what we call a joke.

    That made me LOL
    like this:

    Dec 21, 06:09 AM
    Last week, my airport express went from awesome (~80% signal strength to my iMac, great speed) to sucktacular (~5% signal strength, terrible speed, when it worked at all). An investigation revealed that a visitor had unplugged the airport, and had stuck it in a power bar between two brick power adaptors (one for the cable modem, and the other for the charging station for some wireless headphones). Obviously, the interference and shielding from those two angry spools of copper were causing the problem - a quick relocate to the original outlet restored my signal to its earlier levels. Dunno if you have the same problem, but if you do, its a quick fix :)


    Feb 25, 09:34 AM
    Hi All...

    I was hoping for some help and guidance. I've been a network engineer for 15 years now. All of my experience is in the Microsoft arena. Lately, my organization has been adopting MAC / Apple products ( iPad, iPhones, etc. ) but we've now gone as far as to purchase our first MAC desktop system, an iMAC.

    Having no formal training in administering an iMAC in a Windows AD Domain ( 2008 ) I've been scouring the internet ( Google ) looking for as much information as I can. So far, I've been able to integrate it into our AD Domain and have network users login and have access to their network home directories.

    I am, however, suffering in a couple of areas and was hoping that I could get some real world advice on the following:

    1) What is the best way for me to administer this computer remotely using my Windows 7 Pro workstation? Example: Remotely connecting to it for help desk and other needs. Currently I use Dameware NT Utilities to remotely connect and administer my PC based workstations. Is there a similar utility for iMAC's that will run on Windows 7?

    2) Login scripts... How am I able to accomplish this on a MAC? My PC based workstations use a batch file to map network drives and other things needed at login.

    3) What is the best way for me to be able to control the iMAC through Group Policies? Or maybe I should be asking if this is even possible?

    I appreciate in advance for any help your able to give! :)

    Mar 18, 02:25 PM
    Thanks for the replies guys.
    I have Call of Duty 2 which really is great fun on Multiplayer, but I'm looking for something new.
    I purchased Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II but am not enjoying it very much, so I will return it tomorrow and swap for something else. Supreme Commander looks so cool but I am worried about how it will perform... it says it needs a 256 meg Vid Card recommended and I like my games to look good... Is Medieval II any good?
    oh, and I quite enjoy strategy games. Civilization IV is highly recommended too... and I love Civ III.

    Thanks again,

    Dec 16, 02:03 AM
    I love the face when the ibook strikes!

    Great Avatar, fits the creative / whitty attitude of the person who created it :p :D

    Apr 17, 09:05 AM
    This was funny in the first time I saw it.

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