Friday, May 27, 2011

Though Rarely Used Cars Preserved

Perhaps you are one of the people who are very busy, the task force to travel frequently out of town or the country in the long term. If you have a personal car, it should be noted that when you return later, the vehicle is not in the condition of abandoned or pathetic. The first step you should do is wash the car before it left. Then, follow these tips.

1. The position of the hand brake released
If left in a state of emergency brake in, especially in a long time, there will be adhesiveness between oil with disc brakes, especially for a vehicle that has a drum on the rear wheel. One additional thing, it's good to let it hang your car keys on the steering wheel of your vehicle. If your house has a maid, this will be very useful to heat the vehicle every day. But do not leave your car keys if you did not have a garage or out in the open.

2. Prop wipers with foam / wood
When kept in touch with car glass, rubber wipers will slowly harden and not flexible anymore. As a result, the rubber (the so-called dead rubber) will feel rough when later used to wash your windshield.

3. Keep all four tires in a raised condition does not stick to the floor
How, just by using a jack and a stand-jack. The goal is to awake the car's suspension and not burdened by the weight of the vehicle. A car that is never used in a long time usually suspension will go up and down, so that when used later, the car will feel uncomfortable.

4. Remove the battery if the car is more than two weeks left
Why? The reason is because car batteries are very sensitive. If the vehicle is not turned on at all in two weeks or more (especially if the house you leave no maid), it will affect the battery, which can be more easily damaged than the vehicle is used every day.

5. When the parking lot side, chock your tires with four beams
This applies to those that have a garage with sloping surfaces. In the first tips that are not mentioned either enter a position when the vehicle left the handbrake quite a while, but how if the surface is tilted? It's easy, just chock all four tires with blocks or other hard objects so that the car has not changed position.

6. Put the car freshener, and close the car with the cover
Fragrances serve to neutralize the musty odor that may arise because the space in a closed car in a long time. In addition, the car left in the open state also allows dust particles to enter the car through the cracks, a matter that is certainly not desired by every car owner. To avoid this, simply buy a car cover is usually sold in car accessory shops.

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