Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips for Dealing with Car Overheat

As fun driving the car sometimes difficult invited compromise. Especially if the problem was located on a machine that "over heat". Two of the causes of heat over the radiator is leaking or maybe the engine cooling system that does not work optimally or damaged. For the second constraint mentioned no one tips you can do. Minimum car you can move up to the nearest garage.

1. Open up your car's engine cover and disconnect the cable connecting the AC condenser.
2. Cable AC condenser which has been lost can you connect with a cable machine condenser.
3. When everything is installed, then you do not forget to remove the magnetic compressor. These cables are usually located not far from ac compressors.
4. After all this is accomplished is connected, then you just turn on the machine follows ac.

Basically, these tips work with the principle of your vehicle can move back to the cooling system from the AC condenser. So the risk is your vehicle to move towards the nearest garage, you can not enjoy the cool air conditioning during the trip.

What is written above is the tips that are used for vehicles that use a cooling system elektromotor. And of course it can be done if elektormotor not functioning properly.

Meanwhile, if overheating occurred due to the radiator is working less than optimal. Do not rush to open the radiator cap. Turn off your engine for a moment and let the radiator cool. Once cool, just open the radiator cap and add coolant or water as needed. While filling water into the radiator, try to make the machine alive.
Good luck!

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