Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • eyelikeart
    Oct 15, 02:29 PM
    Originally posted by Doctor Q
    I remember cleo and shrek. Does that count?

    I still talk to cleo... ;)

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  • Paradoxeon
    May 1, 09:56 AM
    I've recently noticed- some iLife apps are not working. The biggest concern is iPhoto - I've opened up iPhoto '11 (iLife 11) but it says:
    However, and here's the catch - iDVD, iMovie, working. Just a couple apps are not working (I can't check every single one for compatibility). Is this a universal problem? How do I fix it? I have iLife '10 and '09 if that helps but I haven't checked if they work. Either way, I would like to use iLife '11 over either older versions... Thanks!

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  • spillproof
    Aug 13, 07:09 PM
    Quicktime sucked on my PC a year ago. Clunky and ugly UI.

    Quicktime X is nice, but needs more basic features to be useful to me. I do love the trimming action, quick and easy.

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  • coolant113
    Jan 17, 04:05 PM
    freebies are always a good thing:apple::apple:

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  • generik
    Dec 20, 07:02 PM

    How old is your PB - there was a battery recall.

    I hope that PB was fixed under warranty.. heck, even if it is no longer warranty I expect it to be fixed!

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  • maflynn
    May 6, 09:14 AM
    What do you do for work and why? :eek:

    I maintain servers and enterprise applications from an infrastructure perspective. I'm involved in upgrading two of those enterprise applications at once and I'm on a tight dead line :(

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  • Abstract
    Apr 12, 02:27 AM
    There aren't a lot of unique layouts Microsoft could have used. It doesn't look unique, but neither did iTunes Store layout.

    This looks like Windows, or a Microsoft product, or a popular 3-pane layout.

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  • celticpride678
    Apr 30, 09:57 PM
    Happening for me too, restart doesn't fix it.

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  • robotrenegade
    Jul 6, 04:12 PM
    OH MY GOD!!!! OK this only took 2 days to figure out.

    My cable company (ssshhh Adelphia) does this thing called *Hardware Capture* which means the first computer to use the IP address in the only one that can. It saves the hardware code from your computer so it knows when it should and shouldn't ping it. Well i found this out and this is what i did.

    1: I told them that I wanted to change my main computer to another, when I did that I hooked it up to the airport. And everything worked.

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  • sparkyms
    May 1, 05:56 AM
    Here's mine with just a green bumper on it..

    oh and for reference that's not my leg, it's the arm of my sofa..

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  • Toppa G's
    Feb 25, 08:59 AM
    I wonder if you shouldn't modify the letter "a" so that it is more like "a" rather than "a". Otherwise, the style of the logotype almost makes it look like a sloppily written "u".

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  • themadchemist
    Mar 2, 11:44 PM
    at the very least, if you were not a mod, you would be a G3

    ...and maybe even higher guess is that 604e at the very highest reasonable level is at 15,000, and G3 at 20,000 but i would assume much lower for those levels and maybe G4 is at 20,000

    ...and G5 at 50,000 or 100,000 since it would be no fun for someone to reach that and have nothing to loook forward to

    it could be that G5 is set at a million to make it unattainable:p

    note: maybe arn has not decided yet what to give people beyond a 601 and there is no set level for the next level

    Maybe one should receive his/her G4 and G5 status 6 months after it is reached in post #'s or, in other words, "announced."

    That way, it would be a fairly accurate depiction of market conditions. :D

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  • coolant113
    Jan 14, 07:18 PM
    I love them both.. i get hiped up 2 wweeks before macworld and just go nuts and just sit on the computer and get all the information and rumors about them i love it!!!:apple::apple:

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  • KevRC4130
    Oct 26, 03:54 PM
    Try an IBM Thinkpad... in reviews, they often mention the quality of the keyboard, and having had one for a while, I would agree.

    Lee Tom

    Yes, I have firsthand experience with a Thinkpad, my dad has got one. The keyboard is indeed very nice, but I think the PB's has a slight edge on it. I think the origional poster is asking for a normal keyboard, not a laptop with a good keyboard.

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  • BakedBeans
    Aug 15, 05:10 PM
    did you find out btw?

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  • Looon
    Apr 19, 04:01 PM
    You will be severely disappointed at how bad games run on a macbook

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  • disconap
    Dec 5, 10:39 PM
    yes i believe so
    powermac g4 is in my opinion the best mac made (i have 3)
    easy to upgrade
    easy to fix
    reasonably priced
    still runs all the new apps
    and ohh yea looks sweet

    nedd ne more reasons

    Agree 100%.

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  • Transporteur
    Apr 24, 11:11 AM
    The MBPs get updated far more often than the MP, so they "age" quicker, decreasing their resale value. Almost two MBPs a year, whereas the Mac Pro gets update every what, 18 months?

    The fact that you can't upgrade a notebook has already been said.
    Pop in two 3GHz quad cores, 16GB RAM, a 5870 and some SSDs in a 2006 Mac Pro and you still have a more than decent machine for the vast majority of tasks.
    A 2006MBP, however, is pretty much done these days. A maximum of 2GB RAM and a SATA 1.5Gb/s interface make this machine not impossible to upgrade, by beyond practicality.

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  • debroglie
    Apr 16, 05:45 AM
    Also, keep in mind that many people report the VGA output as looking "washed out." I know that I did have that problem when I was using the official VGA cable, so I switched back to component.

    I would suggest springing for the elite.

    Sep 9, 09:18 AM
    Originally posted by JSRockit
    I know I can get away with using any Apple computer, but when you are spending your $$$ and you frequent rumor tend to want to see updates at the right time...not after you buy. I will buy regardless of if Apple updates the iBook or TiBook in the next month.

    The TiBook is due an overhaul sometime next month I would have thought...... although I know exactly what you mean about revisions just after buying... it's happened to me with a beige G3....... :(

    the best time to buy is exactly after a revision is released, then you pretty much know you'll be safe for 6 months...... :)

    Dec 16, 06:00 PM
    That's what I thought. AFAIK, sushi's advice was referring to repairing the AirPort base station but I think this is a PowerBook issue. I could be wrong, as usual. :o

    I'll check out the cable to see if it's connected or not. Thanks for the help!

    Dec 27, 02:18 PM
    Do any of the "iPod Issues?" links work for anyone else. Seem to be broken.

    Feb 16, 04:36 AM
    Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes

    Oct 20, 09:59 PM

    One word: anachronistic

    a video version of generations coming soon. :)

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