Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nice Old Sportscar Caterham Seven Lambretta Limited Edition 2010

Caterham Cars has teamed up with Lambretta company for four-wheel vehicles, legendary Seven sportcar Special Edition 2010. The British-Owned fashion label, based in London's famous Carnaby Street, on the characteristics and rich legacy in popular culture to be booked in advance, adapted to the needs of Caterham, who shouted 'Britannia'.

Body painted model decals and uniforms do not leave the UK culture called the Union Jack are red, white and blue in the paint. Of course, the theme of the color scheme that matches the leather seats, dashboard, carpets and boot. Stitch seats, embossed motifs and wheel Lambretta Moto-Lita follow detail the interior.

At the wheel, Caterham include Ford 1.6-liter Sigma engine, which can issue a power 125bhp, Lambretta Special Edition with a weight of 120lbs and torque to move the body mild to 60mph/97kmh in just six seconds. Blend of quick-fire five-speed gearbox, with a strong chassis, providing power responsive and unique characteristics of each driving a car this unique Seven.
Available in English, Caterham Seven Lambretta Special Edition price £ 26,995 or the amount of Rp 378 million.

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