Friday, May 27, 2011

Car hard to start, how to handle it?

It's hard on the engine-starter or do not want to live is often a problem for one's private car, especially if it turns out the owner had no idea how to take care of the car. Do not let you be one among them who are blind technology, machine dead because not infrequently occur when you least expect it at all (for example ahead of important meetings). For that, consider the following tips. First thing to know is the car electrical system, conventional or modern cars are already using CDI (in the sense of all-electronic).

If your car has been using all-electronic system, do not try to fix it manually, because these systems require a reliable expert mechanic and equipment that exist only in workshops mobil.Biasanya there are two things that caused the car can not be the starter, the first is because the battery is already in good condition less electrical system. Both are due to electricity supply in the conventional magneto ignition systems. Platinum may not have been good. If the technology is more advanced, perhaps because of CDI. If already CDI problem, need to garage because already complicated and difficult to handle alone. On the upper surface of the battery there are indicators that show the latest condition of the battery. Show good battery condition / damage, or water storage battery kosong. If have checked but the car still did not get turned on, it could be caused by platinum and condenser. The problem is usually the plate contained in platinum. If bulge was dull means means can not capture the spark of electricity.

So that platinum could return to function properly, use sandpaper to remove dust / spots are attached. When you're done, plug it back in its original position. Platinum which has been cleaned will usually be able to lure big sparks so again, If not, then platinum was not used and should be the next replace. This steps is to check the fuse box. Note whether the fuse that was installed is still intact or not. If wire connections are broken, the fuse had to be replaced. For emergencies, you can use wire or fiber cable to be installed while the fuse was. It is not recommended as a permanent solution, because it changed as soon as possible by bringing the car to the garage.

The last thing that used to be the ringleader of a car engine can not be a starter is because the supply of fuel / air is lacking in the carburetor system (in this case means the filter is dirty carburetor.) Check the filter, remove filter and clean it with a brush or a toothbrush. Do not use a heating appliance such as hair-dryer and the like, because it can damage the walls of the air udara. If everything is done and no development, no can not, take your car to the nearest garage. Do-do, the damage not only on your battery or platinum.

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