Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easy Way Care Coating Leather Car Seats

Upholstery leather car seats have a number of advantages over fabric or synthetic material. This material emits the impression of more luxurious and comfortable. If stained or exposed to dirt, how clean it is also easier than the two ingredients that.

However, the price is more expensive types of coatings. In addition, if not treated properly, leather upholstery will be broken. When that happens, then the process to restore its original condition is very difficult and expensive.

"Because of the material was by no means skin human skin is vulnerable to weather, or treatment that is not good," said Mohammed Fajri, specialist upholstery and bekleding Victory, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Friday, May 27, 2011.

But not to worry, because treatment of the leather seat upholstery was pretty easy. "The key, only painstaking and careful. The materials used were not expensive and readily available, "said Fajri.

So how do the treatment? Here are tips from Fajri:

1. Avoid sunburn
Much like the human skin, leather seat upholstery is also absorb heat. Only, the difference, the pad can not adapt and neutralize the solar radiation using body fluids such as when a cow skin.

As a result, ultraviolet radiation will be absorbed by the skin sheet. As a result, this layer will harden. If it is often the case then the sheet will rapidly develop cracks.

Therefore, it is advisable to park the car in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. When forced to park in the open, then use protection or sun visor.

2. Clean regularly
In addition to preventing from sun, clean the upholstery of the leather upholstery at least once every three months. You do not have to go to a salon car to clean it.

However, one thing to remember do not use a dry cloth. Use a wet chamois cloth. "Do not wet with water but use a special moisturizing leather seats are sold at the accessories store," said Fajri.

If not, you can use baby's skin moisturizer or baby oil. How to clean, simply wipe with the direction of motion.

Such movement is meant for the dirt that slipped in the pores of the skin sheet can be lifted. "Then wipe with a two-way back and forth, the dirt it will go into the pores, so that the layer dirty seat instead," explained Fajri.

Dirt on the pores and in large quantities will be fused with humid air in the cabin of cars and solar radiation. They chemically react and lead to chapped skin layer or wrinkled.

3. Avoid liquid spills that damage
Avoid this seat upholstery spilled water. The reason, besides the potential to cause stains, spillage of water could cause mold if not dried quickly.

Another thing to remember is, do not use cleaning fluids containing alcohol, spirits, thinners, detergent, shampoo, and similar fluids. The reason is, all the liquid substance has the potential to damage the tissue in the skin sheet, remember layers are derived from living things or cow.

"When you use a liquid cleaner, make sure the liquid is safe not to use material from the alcohol and the like," said Fajri.

4. Make sure the car is not damp cabin
Mistakes that often occur but are not aware car owners who use the seats in leather is to let the car cabin damp. In fact, such conditions could potentially trigger the onset of mold on leather seat upholstery.

When that happens, then the coating will be broken or wrinkled. Meanwhile, to restore the skin layer is wrinkled or broken as in the past is very difficult and too expensive fare.

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