Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Oil For Car

All both mineral and synthetic oils are both a standard fire.

Advantages compared to mineral oil synthetic oil:
- More stable at high temperatures (less volatile)
so that low levels of evaporation
- Control / prevent the occurrence of carbon deposits on engine
- Circulation more smoothly in the morning starting time / cold weather
- Lubricate and coat the metal better and prevent it from occurring
friction between the metal resulting engine damage
- Resistant to change / oxidation and therefore more durable
so it is more economical and efficient
- Reduce the occurrence of friction, increase power and
cooler engine
- Contains a better detergent for cleaning
engine of the crust

Mineral oil is usually made from purified while the synthetic oil from the chemical mixture. Materials usually PAO synthetic oil (PolyAlphaOlefin).

Mineral oil API SL So the quality is not the same as API SL Synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil is usually recommended for the latest hi-tech machinery (turbo, supercharger, DOHC, etc.) are also in need of better lubrication (racing) where the gap between parts / metal smaller / narrower / precision where only synthetic oil that can coat and flowing perfect.

So for engines manufactured in 2001 or older are advised to use good synthetic oil-type semi-synthetic (mixed with mineral oil) or fully-synthetic.

Fully synthetic oil price could 2X - 4X more expensive than the semi-synthetic.
Semi-synthetic oil price can be 2x more expensive than mineral oil.
If it is for everyday use quite a semi-synthetic.

Buy a lubricant which is packed with good, still sealed with neat, there is a corporate identity and purpose of use. Avoid buying goods that are defective packaging. Buy a lubricant on the official agent or in places that can be trusted by you or the recommendation of your colleagues.

Now you are certainly more aware than ever about the quality of oil. So for now circulating in Indonesian oil for gasoline engines API service SL downwards, while for diesel engines API Service CH4 down. We recommend that you use oil that has the highest API certification because it will give better results for your vehicle better than the performance and maintenance of vehicles in the long term.
Synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral oil but we can choose a semi-synthetic is better than mineral oil and is more economical than synthetic oil.

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