Friday, May 27, 2011

Used Cars More Shiny with Varnishes

Got a car that dull? Now you do not have to feel inferior because it is now widely available service repair shop that can increase the prestige car that is owned by repainting without the expensive price tag. Of the several ways, one of the most commonly used is the one body. Actually it is not necessary, because in addition to more expensive, too time consuming. Now there are solutions that are easier, faster and simpler to smooth the body, namely by using lacquer as a coating. The time needed is not too long, but the result is the same.

To add your knowledge (while avoiding the usual trick of by unscrupulous repair shop who are not responsible), the following steps. The first step is to cover the wheel with a newspaper or other material so that the paint is not on this section. In addition, the lid also other parts such as front and rear glass, mirror, or a rubber door. If it turns out your car in dull conditions, then that section should be sanded again with coarse sandpaper.

The goal is to erode the old paint and the original color is almost no longer attached to the car body. After that use color lacquer painting with a special varnish that aims to show car shine. To dry the car entered into the oven with temperatures around 80 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. The purpose of the use of this oven is because the place is sterile, and ideal for drying heat of a freshly painted car body. After completion, the work still continues to let the paint dries and blends with the car body. Make no mistake, though appear it is dry, it's just the outside only, to the inner lining takes approximately one hari.Setelah paint on a car body completely dry, use fine sandpaper to hone granules of paint that (probably) to harden and form lumps -small bump. After that, then the last step is to do pemolesan.Dengan sisem done this, without painting a car body, your vehicle still look cool. Can a try ....

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