Friday, May 27, 2011

Door Car Care

The car door is a very important vehicle part to be treated, thus ensuring safety and comfort when driving. The car door often escape the attention of owners, whereas in case of damage can be fatal.

As a result,
For example, if the glass is brittle rails so that water can enter the crack in the door and make the driving mechanism rust windowpane. So when the ups and downs the glass will feel heavy and should be assisted by hand. Not to mention the sound of creaking, and the glass can be jam player instantly. Likewise, the handle of the door, if the lubricant to dry out the door opener mechanism, the door will be difficult to open.

Things You Do:
The following maintenance tips, you should be at least 6 months:
1. Provide the necessary equipment such as screwdrivers plus and min, brushes, diesel, grease and lubricant sprays.
2. Open the cover panels (door trim) with the position of glass dropped down. Open the door handle and bolt with a screwdriver handle plus. Then lever off the glass with a pick player pin.
3. Open the door with a screwdriver wear mencungkilnya min. For cars with 'power windows' come off the switch. Note the glass casing (weather strip) clean the dirt using a brush and diesel. Wait until dry. Or wash with soap and water after a dry wipe with a rag.
4. Clean teeth and rub with a fat regulator. Also gear motor drive for that use power windows. Lubricate also a player's arm and statement.
5. Check the regulator balancer shaft, top and bottom rails are also the driving shaft regulators. Clean with diesel and then spread with fat.
6. Set the glass is tilted to raise the glass half way and loosen the two bolts counterweight bottom. After that push the glass back and tighten the screw pengimbangnya.
7. Note the outer gate open, check whether there was a shift if it is enabled. If yes, lubricate with spray lubricant. When spraying, all check by playing outside and inside the door opening.
8. Check the door lock rod of iron. Especially the bottom of the key moves. Clean if corroded or dirty and spray lubricants.
9. When finished replace the door panels, for the power windows do not forget to plug the switch back.

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