Friday, May 27, 2011

Caring for Car Brake Discs

Brakes are one of the most vital part in the operation of your vehicle (car for example). The existence of brake is very important to give a sense of security when using the car, but the functioning of the device one is very much depending on how the way we care. If treatments are ignored, almost certainly not function as well optimal.Ujung-end, our salvation (and others) when driving terancam.Untuk keep the brakes remain standard is not difficult, provided we know how to tips-tricks.

The first thing to note is that the disc and drum break, and check the quality of brake fluid, brake lines, and the brake itself. For brake fluid, usually must be replaced or cleaned after a 10,000 km car travel. Note this section carefully so as not empty, and note the comparison between the front and rear (2:1). The front gets a larger portion because most often used when the car brakes.

The following step is to check whether the brake is still in good condition or not. The trick, remove the wheel to lock, consider the disc break and release the brake handle with a hammer or screwdriver. When the brake dirty, use sandpaper / brush / brush to clean it. The more brake cleaner, the better and stronger functions. Give the fat / grease on the iron holder, but avoid in order not to hit the brake shoe. Replace the canvass, and last kancingkan.Hal that must be considered so that the brakes always work so well is regular maintenance. As mentioned earlier, try to reach the oil changed every 10,000 km, while for the canvass is usually between 20-25000 km (automatic) and 40,000 km (manual). Do not forget to check the condition of brake fluid every two weeks.

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