Friday, May 27, 2011

Beware of Lack of Power When Start Engine

Under normal conditions, once the ignition is in position "on" and threaded into the key starting point, the engine immediately lit. However, in certain circumstances the opposite happened. The machine is not directly life and we must repeat several times fastening contacts to the starting point.

This condition is the beginning of kekurangberesan in electrical and machinery. And this is often experienced a car with fuel engine, especially those still using platinum ignition system.

Difficulties such as the engine of the above cases related to the problem of imperfect or incomplete combustion. Perfect combustion will take place provided that: the compression is still good, a mixture of fuel - air that right, and the initial position of ignition or sparks sparks is still accurate and still good. Marked blue flame on the end plugs.

Many possibilities that cause the machine less fit. But at least there are three possibilities that could be the cause.

1. Fuel Mixture

Kekurangtepatan tepatan mixture of fuel and air, as well as the quality of fuel can also be caused by incorrect carburetor settings. Too close / far apart on setting Idle Mixture Adjusting Screw (Imas) in the carburetor. (On machines with injection system, this usually occurs because of settings on the variable resistor is not appropriate.) Also can be caused by dirty fuel lines, fuel filter and air filter.

2. Compression

When the compression engine produced lower than required, is certainly will complicate the occurrence of combustion. Practical engine life difficult. Kekurangtepatan This could occur because of improper valve gap, there was wear and tear on the seat and valve head, a lot of carbon crust on the head and valve seat.

Can also be due to worn piston rings, worn cylinder walls, or cracked cylinder head gaskets. Damage to the components above can cause leakage of compression so that the pressure produced low machine.

3. Ignition

Sparks are less robust and less precise also can cause the engine hard to live. This condition is usually triggered by the platinum that has been worn, weak absorption condenser or anything because the value of the coil ignition coil resistance is high due to heat. If the components are still good that can be caused by changes in the early ignition and platinum crack size has changed. Re sets standard.

In addition, a weak spark and not appropriate can also be caused by high resistance spark plug wires and spark plug gap is too big.

Most riders just silence if you have a case that a little hard living machine. Maybe because the engine can still be turned on after several ignition is turned. In fact, if left it is quite possible that the effects appear much worse: the battery is worn out, for example.
Batteries can be worn out due to excessive use of electric current at start.

In addition to batteries worn out, if there is a mixture that is not appropriate (incomplete combustion) are clearly the next consequence is the reduced engine power and fuel consumption to be wasteful.

Actually, setting that supports excellence engine combustion system can be maintained if the rider does not ignore the schedule of periodic engine tune up. Because, at this time will be setting-adjustment and examination of the engine components.

So, remember. Do not forget the engine tune up periodically. In addition to comfort and security, from there small problems will be prevented so as not to enlarge

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