Friday, May 27, 2011

Car in Maximum Condition After Long Journey

Long vacation is over. The long journey has also been finalized. Now the majority of vehicles, what is a car or motorcycle in urban areas back to original function. As a personal vehicle lane in the city, with a range of travel is shorter.

After a long journey, the vehicles need to be carefully considered in order to stay healthy. Who knows after a long journey taken our vehicles have a little problem. Or there are changes in setting.

Here are the steps that can be used as a benchmark to ensure the health of the vehicle after running tasks take a long vacation.

1.Eksterior and Interior

Clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle from the discharges. If too long attached, these impurities can harden and cause body paint (exterior) dull and defective vehicles. In the interior, the dirt is not cleaned will cause odor.

2. Tire

Check tire condition and pressure of the wind. Do not forget to normalize back tire pressure (before a long trip riders usually increase the air pressure to avoid the occurrence of hydroplanning).

3. Water

Check battery water, water radiator, and windshield wiper washer water from possible reduced. Add if the amount below the minimum threshold.

4. Oil

Check the oil-oil on the engine, gearbox, axle, power steering, brakes, clutch. Check the quality and quantity as has been done while preparing for the long journey.

5. Engine

Check the power of the engine and sounds that arise in the machine. Is it still normal or not? You need to give more serious attention if engine power was reduced from the usual and many appear abnormal noises. When these symptoms appear, you should take your vehicle to the garage.

6. Activator-activator

Check the clutch, gearbox, coupling, axle, axles, wheel bearings, including the wheels. Listen carefully whether the sounds appeared abnormal when the vehicle moves.

7. The lights

Check all lights of your vehicle from possible break up. The use of light is longer and a higher frequency increases the likelihood of further damage.

8. The legs

Observe also the heaviest weight-bearing during the trip. Check the tire wear, the legs and suspension. Expenses are transported, road conditions, as well as highly affects mileage settingannya. Check the fastening bolts there are loose or not.

9. Last Kick

If lazy and pingin practical. Bring your vehicle to the garage just escaped official or garage and into a car wash. 'm In tune up the car again, replace the parts that feel is close to worn out or near term durability. And do not forget to calibrating legs through spooring and balancing.

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