Friday, May 27, 2011

Car AC Repair Tips

AC in a four-wheeled vehicle, gradually became a necessity. And function also can not be compromised again. therefore if the car air conditioner not working properly so vehicle crews sometimes go awry. When you open the glass entrance of dust and fumes. Meanwhile, if closed, the stale taste will attack.

So to overcome the obstacles mentioned, there are quick tips that can be done about it as an alternative before your vehicle checked at the hands of experts. Previously there may be a number of disorders that can arise until the AC function can not work optimally. Interference with the air conditioner evaporator discharge is usually due to congestion and cause itself that:

• Channel rubber squeezed or twisted.
Waste water will be turned up, when a channel full of water will overflow and escape from the outlet channel has been completed although clamp.

• covered with dirt.
Channels can exhaust tip covered with mud because these channels are under the car. Channel was separated from the evaporator outlet pipe.

Now to deal with is as follows:
1. Prepare flower screwdriver (+), and open the cover of the main pillars of the right and left that usually match the interior color.
2. Open the cover of the AC right and left with a screwdriver. Then switch off air conditioning by opening the cover 2 pcs screws. Then off 8 screws and 4 cover holder inlet and exhaust blower.
3. Open the screw cap 13 bottom blower, do it carefully and do not be forced to pull out now.
4. Check and clean the lid with a dry cloth. Observe the hose that pinched, twisted or loose, then update its position that no longer an interruption.
5. Make sure the compressor end of the hose clear of debris. Kemuaidna bunch return all components carefully.

So easy is not it ...? Good luck

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