Friday, May 27, 2011

Three Steps to Efficient Fuel

It could save car fuel consumption is very interesting. In addition to the volume of the engine, fuel consumption rate is also determined by our style of driving, the engine condition and tire pressure of violence.

Like memblayer machine, speeding, playing with the acceleration driving force is part of the wasteful fuel. Conversely, driving with a quiet, gentle acceleration and placement of tooth gears that fit can suppress the consumption of fuel.

Of course you can not force economical V4 V8 car. Because of the capacity factor and machine design, weight and wind resistance (aerodynamics) vehicles, gasoline quality formula and you can not control. So mengemudilah with common sense. Routine maintenance and good driving habits will be helpful in frugality.

Acceleration Soft

Start driving more slowly, with gentle acceleration and braking slowly. The more speed, more fuel is needed. At the same time increase the risk. Choose the route with the least possible loss. Take advantage of the radio broadcast to it. The use of air conditioning and the excessive burden of forcing the engine to work harder. So the fuel consumption also increases.

Research in the U.S., the recommended speed is 55 miles per hour (89km/jam) on the highway. Try driving with constant speed. Take advantage of cruise control for long trips.

Know your Tire Pressure

When was the last time you check tire pressure (TAB)? Generally only checked when the vehicle speed disrupted. When TAB is less, the work will be heavier engine, automatic fuel consumption increases. It means that more often queued dipom gasoline.

To determine the optimum TAB, how easy. Previously used to prepare a tire pressure gauge of quality, paper and pen. And how to measure the exact TAB. The first step, check tire pressure before the car is used. Record the results as a result of the TAB cold measurements. Repeat the inspection at the time the car has been used as a measurement of heat TAB. Usually hot TAB TAB slightly higher than the cold. But the cold TAB was more accurate. Perform measurements on all tires. TAB specification which represents tire manufacturers spend this cold TAB.

Car assemblers recommend a different air pressure for front and rear tires. You should pay more attention to these recommendations than the number printed on the sidewall to determine your car TAB. Compare TAB cold with car assemblers recommendation. If different, then you should adjust them.

TAB Let cool 32 Psi, while the 35 psi recommendation automobile assemblers, mean 3 Psi to be added. If, TAB 34 Psi heat, then increase the tire pressure to 37 psi. Conversely, when the cold TAB higher than recommended minimum, the exhaust air pressure in accordance with the difference. This process also uses heat TAB benchmark. If the difference between cold and TAB recommendation is already known, for example 2 Psi, and Psi 38 TAB known heat, then reduce the TAB to the remaining 36 Psi

Obey Pattern Routine Maintenance

Most cars have been using the latest advanced technology such as electronic ignition which is simpler treatment. But still there are components that need attention, such as replacing air filters periodically.

Set the ignition timing back. Clean the spark plugs, ignition and ensure the functions work well. The existence of holes in muffler or exhaust pipe will waste fuel, noisy and smelly

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