Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • ingenious
    Apr 8, 10:50 AM
    did anyone noticce that imac_japan didnt respond to my comment about how HE should listen to the "other" side of the story? LOL somebody's a sore loser. no offense, but its a little obvious. i may get flamed for this, so i apologize in advance! :D

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  • alexhasfun28
    Apr 2, 07:24 PM
    This is something people need to realize once in a while. It’s not about CPU and RAM. A Droid Incredible can have an 8 megapixel camera, and the photo quality may be not be the best people expect. An iPhone 4 can have 5 megapixels in a sensor and people are delighted with the quality!

    Specs are nice, but learning that it actually WORKS, is something other.

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  • RayLancer
    Sep 24, 11:41 AM
    I've been reading some reviews on the iPad Belkin Grip Vue Clear and a few reporting the cases started yellowing after a few weeks... I might get the tint black version instead now.

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  • rdowns
    Mar 19, 04:50 PM

    As if we need to be told that.

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  • kdarling
    Apr 22, 09:33 PM
    Why is it necessary to keep your location a secret? What are Google and Apple going to do to you? What *exactly* and *specifically* is there to be afraid of?
    Your location is *never* a secret, unless you're the President and it's a national crisis.

    There are many people whose movements are best kept secret from certain others, with risk of life if revealed.

    Battered women or kids in a secret shelter home, witness protection participants, undercover agents of all sorts, dissidents and rebels.

    On a less serious note, there are probably some bosses who gave out iPhones, checking company iTunes hosts this weekned to see if their employees' travel receipts and sick days match their movements.

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  • rkmac
    Nov 26, 02:52 AM
    Logitech diNovo Mac Edition Keyboard
    I finally decided that I couldn't put up with not having a number pad any longer. Feels good to have a full sized keyboard again.

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  • gmcalpin
    May 2, 07:50 PM
    They could have simplified the whole process in the following way:

    (blah blah blah)

    Both sound more logical and intuitive than this.
    You assume that the method described here is/will be the ONLY way to do this.

    How many different ways can you create a new folder on a hard drive? I can think of three without even trying.

    I guess that's way easier than dragging it to the trash?
    Dragging an application to the trash doesn't delete all the associated files littering your Library, or hidden files, or…

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  • vincenz
    Feb 21, 09:36 AM
    Having picked up a 13" MBP yesterday, I won't take this one back unless there is something that I need in it. Overall I'm not normally someone that worries about the contents of a refresh.

    Yeh, but for the same price and just a 1-week wait, why wouldn't you hold out unless it was an emergency?

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  • SoraLimit
    Sep 20, 07:58 PM
    I have no idea haha.

    I was also looking at some 3g Leather Cases (those are my favorite style) is there any reason they wouldn't work with my 4g? For example, this one looks good:

    but would my 4g fit in there?

    The new iPod touch is more thinner and narrow compared to the 3rd gen. It's just gonna wobble around the cases if you did that.

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  • AidenShaw
    Nov 22, 10:10 PM
    This rumor seems to be only a rumor! Its Nov 21st today, when will octos come? Next year i guess... damn it!:mad:

    Quad-core chips (and octo-core systems) are available now from the other top tier Intel vendors. Apple not included.

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  • person135
    Oct 30, 03:21 PM
    well the thing is to me, the only really useful thing other than the actual case itself in the Colors case is the screen protector. I could always buy a separate screen protector right?

    too bad no one has a review of the FlexGrip.

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  • jgould
    Feb 22, 07:53 PM
    I love the look of older apple tech still in use. It's a good reminder that you don't need to constantly update with every single product refresh. Helps that it's stylish too :cool:

    I agree with this statement. I was using a White MacBook from 2006 until Sunday when I upgraded because 2GB of RAM just wasn't cutting it any more. With the new MBP, I'll be set for a while.

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  • Blakeco123
    Apr 12, 08:25 PM
    I really hope this update is as good as they say. If it is I'll switch from FCE to FCP

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  • babul
    Feb 25, 10:08 PM
    Here i'll show you my mac setup and my bedroom studio setup

    Nothin much, iPad on the left. JBL iPod Dock, Crappy speakers

    This tower connected to the TV, so i can make beats on the big screen

    17" Samsung Monitor, Macbook Pro 17" (First Model), Macbook Pro 13" Unibody, iTouch 1st Gen and 2nd Gen plugged on the right.

    Another Towers with Dual 17" Samsung

    My Main Workstation, 27" iMac. iPhone 3GS plugged on the right

    And I just got this 15" Macbook Pro Unibody

    I love to work in low ambient light. So here is how it looks

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  • suzerain
    Jul 21, 02:22 AM
    Then you can't know that many people, I think you're forgetting there are still people outside of the US, and over here there still is a huge unexplored market for movie rentals. There are no companies that provide services like Netflix, and stores rule the market. If Apple uses the iTunes name for Movie Rentals, it will be a succes in Europe, either way.

    Does Apple even offer TV downloads in Europe yet?

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  • ^^ CoolMacLover
    Mar 1, 12:03 AM
    Well here is my wonderful setup :)

    24" iMac
    13" MBP
    Dell XPS 15
    40something" TV
    xBox 360
    Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
    Magic Mouse
    Magic Trackpad
    Wireless Keyboard, I'll say its magic also :P
    And a printer...
    2TB Western Digital HD (iTunes library)
    1TB Western Digital HD (Backup)
    Nintendo DSi
    (Taken with iPhone 3G [S] )
    Below my desk:
    Oh! And everyone loves such good cable management :D

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  • Cliff3
    Jan 5, 11:41 PM
    the guy looks like he really took care of the car (based on his ad). The pictures make it seem mint, and he says all maintenance has been done regularly.

    As I said before, there is no substitute for a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a competent BMW shop. These cars can be money pits.

    I found the bimmerforums site a few days ago and have been searching quite a bit. Nothing I am finding seems out of the ordinary, or something I haven't seen yet.

    Bimmerforums is mainly an E36 site. Bimmerfest is a better E46 resource.

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 26, 03:03 PM
    does apple compare themselves with other brand using the term "apps"

    If they do I'd think you'd have to say it's a generic term since apple is calling the stuff run on other devices apps as well.

    I remember the abbreviation "App" being used long before :apple: related it to its "App Store." Nothing new to see here, just :apple: trying to brand something that was used generically in the 90's.

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  • Demoman
    Jul 20, 01:09 AM
    When the "real" machines are out, Vista will be out as well. Unless Leopard has revolutionary improvements, the difference between Windows and OSX+iLife would be much less than that it is today. I would still appreciate the UNIX under the hood, but I doubt most consumers care. If Mac sales or market share starts to come down a bit due to fewer switchers, the share price could easily crash.

    You are probably nursing those MS shares you bought at $90, hoping for a better day. It is not coming anytime soon sorry to say. Buying is about momentum. Apple has it and MS does not. Vista already has a great deal of bad press and it has not even hit the street. eWeek and other journals are already writing about Vista security vulnerabilities. That is not a good sign. Vista features and functionality has been scaled back numerous times. That too is not a good sign.

    Who would have imagined that the common view. amongst the informed computer community, was MS was trying desperately to draw close to even-up with Apple? About the time MS established Windows 2000, they were at the top of the computer world in just about every SW market there was.

    They finally had a very stable desktop, server platform, mail server, yellow pages, browser, office suite, SQL engine, and so on. But once they reached this pinnacle, two things happened (or at least two I want to talk about). One, they became way too greedy with their predatory licensing. It just went through the roof. If you have never purchased SW at the enterprise level, you do not understand how expensive this has become. SW can cost (at least) as much HW at the enterprise level.

    The second thing that happened at MS is best described in a quote "When Alexander looked at his empire, he wept for there was nothing more to conquer." Instead of continuing on the path of R&D, they tried to find "new worlds to conquer", secure in the knowledge they had indeed subdued all competitors who could challenge them. Sun had tried to mount a charge in the early-mid 90's. Fortunately for MS, Sun's CEO lacked the wherewithal to do more than file lawsuits. Linux suffers from the exact problems that have plagued the Unix community; they cannot unify because they have no leadership.

    Apple has been the sleeping giant. They have made their mistakes, taken their lumps and paid their dues. After 20 years, I finally bought a Mac. That was mainly because my boss gave me ~ $15K to buy any personal technology I wanted (bonus type of deal). I was learning video production/editing and using the cheap PC stuff. To make a long story short, I can now boast the purchase of:

    Mar 5, 05:17 PM
    this is for F@H right? im keen to start up with my numerous amounts of computers.

    where do i start? everything is all console based :(

    oh wait its an installer thingo.. it wants a key hekp1

    Nov 24, 11:13 AM
    Finally ordered a programmer for my truck!

    Apr 12, 09:36 PM
    BETA! We no GET

    Yeah BETA sounds like we won't be getting it for a while :(

    Jul 18, 02:21 AM
    Rental is such a dumb idea Maybe purchase but I've seen the quality of the video on the music store and personally I don't think it's worth the money.

    Jan 5, 03:14 PM
    Well, I ended up having to build a small time machine to find out what would be announced. Wasn't difficult, except that Objective C is a PITA. Anyway, here's the log cut and pasted from

    (Note, order of lines is in chronological order, for obvious reasons)

    8.55am Hall is close to full. Lot of excited murmmering, lights still on. REM tracks playing, audience is mostly annoyed.

    9.01 "Losing my religion"

    9.03 lights dim, Jobs takes to the stage

    9.05 Welcome everyone, great year for Apple, iPod Hifi, Intel switch

    9.10 More on the way, better products, great year ahead for Apple

    9.25 30 Years of Apple, 30 great more years. Achievements include Apple I, Apple II, Apple IIe, (listing each product)

    9.45 Time to talk about what's next. May have heard a rumour about a phone. (Audience laughter)

    9.47 iPod Phone. It's a headset. Plugs into iPod. Excellent sound quality.

    9.50 Also handsfree kit for a cellphone. Bluetooth or 2.5mm jack.

    9.55 Just to re-interate, as people on IRC feed seem to think otherwise, iPod Phone is a handsfree kit. So you don't have to take off your headphones when answering phone. It's not a cellphone. Audience seems troubled by this.

    9.57 Integrates with iChat Video too, using Bluetooth feature. Now having chat with Bill Gates over iChat.

    9.58 Range: 10-20 feet (extension cables available, for wired connections). "Works with all carriers"

    10.05 "So that's iPod Phone", $299 for basic version (iPod nano), $499 for version for iPod. Now, iTV.

    10.10 New name "iMac mini"

    10.12 Comes with keyboard and mouse. Wireless available.

    10.15 View content downloaded from iTunes. Simple configuration to see shared music libraries.

    10.17 Still demonstrating configuration options.

    10.25 Several Apple engineers are now on stage showing Steve how to point the iMac mini at Phil's iTunes library.

    10.28 Music is now being downloaded. Shared content is automatically downloaded into local storage to avoid network stutters. iMac mini is not available for use during download. Entire library is downloaded each time.

    10.30 "On to the next thing", 3% of library downloaded. "Leopard". "This one changes its spots"

    10.35 Significant changes underneath.

    10.40 My. Word. Steve Jobs has just demonstrated the superiority of ZFS over other file systems. You have to see that to be believed. Take a look at the stream when it's posted. I mean, it was unreal. I've never seen such a clear technical explanation that was so obvious and compelling about a file system before.

    10.45 Clapping abates for a few seconds, but then continues.

    10.47 Apple employees are out with fire extinguishers, hosing audience to try to get them to quiet down so that Jobs can continue the presentation.

    10.50 One last thing.

    10.52 Mac in a Windows world. Impossible to run Windows applications without emulation.

    10.55 Microsoft's dominance. Monoculture. Technical superiority of Windows. (?) BTW Phil's library is now 25% transferred to the iMac mini.

    10.59 Poor performance of XNU. BSD "1970s" operating system. Darwin served its purpose.

    11.00 Dave Cutler, designer of Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista has just come on stage.

    11.05 New kernel for Mac OS X. Mac OS X high level subsystems built upon Windows. New operating system. "Mac OS W". Leopard is Mac OS W 11.0.

    11.07 Jobs is now talking to Bill Gates on the big screen again.

    11.08 "Best of Apple, Best of Microsoft, everything will 'just work' from now on"

    11.10 On a personal note. Steve Jobs "Best years of my life at Apple"

    11.12 Excited to be named CEO of Disney previous day, amazing new opportunities, but running two major companies difficult. (Bill Gates is still on screen, he's part of the conversation)

    11.15 Successor at Apple needed to be picked, someone with experience, knowledge about how to succeed in a difficult market, perhaps changing Apple to be the #1 and not the #2

    11.16 Bill Gates, whose departure from Microsoft was announced last year, to take the helm of Apple later this year. "I couldn't be more excited. Apple is a great company, and we're going to make some great products".

    11.20 The start of another great year at Apple, thanks for coming.

    11.22 Lights are back on, people are leaving conference hall.

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