Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honda Supra Fit Modifikasi Knalpot Retro Klasik

Modifikasi motor knalpot, the best exhaust modification, knalpot or exhaust is the one of several component of motorcycle, this is modifikasi knalpot retro Honda supra fit.
desain+knalpot+unik Honda Supra Fit Modifikasi Knalpot Retro Klasik
If you are Modifikasi Motor lover and wanna new style in your modifikasi motor you may apply this one of modifikasi motor retro style to your motorcycle. This exhaust modification or modifikasi knalpot was applied at Honda supra Fit and the result is like this.

This honda Motorcycle Knalpot look so unique, you can see the hole as a decoration and chrome look custom. You can also see the sharp tail of this exhaust look like a moon. Modifikasi knalpot retro Honda Supra Fit look so perfect isn’t it.

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