Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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  • davidgrimm
    Sep 23, 08:25 PM

    Consumer Reports used to influence my opinion, but when they actually rank things I know a little about, I always find fault with their methods and so they really aren't that influential to me anymore. I mean if their methods stink on the categories I know of, they probably stink for the categories I don't know about.

    cute anime boy names. anime boy names. stylish wallpaper of oys; stylish wallpaper of oys. MOFS. Mar 13, 10:58 AM. Tablets don#39;t even redefine computing at
  • anime boy names. stylish wallpaper of oys; stylish wallpaper of oys. MOFS. Mar 13, 10:58 AM. Tablets don#39;t even redefine computing at

  • SFVCyclone
    Nov 15, 01:11 PM
    I cant wait to get my hands on my own 8 core mac, I currently have a pc with an amd athlon 64, tear. No wait there a 400mhz G3 imac sitting with tiger in my room, I think it can get close to the 8 core power macs specs:D

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  • yg17
    Mar 22, 03:21 PM
    ooooh. the rare red-crested triple-post!

    It's an endangered species, but that's not going to stop the moderators from coming by eventually and shooting it :D

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  • hyddan
    Jan 12, 02:05 AM
    Just like the "professional" iPods are all aluminium, and the "professional" iMac, not to mention the "professional" iPhone.

    Apple is going Alumium across the product line, for environmental reasons. The MacBooks will be the last plastic Macs made.

    Aluminum is much harder to recycle than plastic, so no, it isn't any better for the environment.

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  • iLEZ
    Aug 7, 06:34 AM
    *snip* ... The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    Not really. I just moved to Mac and i was surprised by the intuitive networking in OSX. However, i agree that it still could be better. Why the aliases? Why won't it connect to the PC when i type its local IP adress? Why is it so hard to have a permanently mounted network drive on your mac? I keep loosing it, having to re-mount it everytime i have taken my MacBook out of WiFi-range. Such things. Maybe most of it is me being a newbie, but still, that proves that it is not intuitive enough.

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  • Carl Spackler
    Nov 29, 03:46 PM
    With HDMI, they'd have to be shooting higher than 480p. I'd say they'd go all out with 1080p, why not?

    I was pleased and surprised to see no s-video out. They're clearly aiming for a product that's designed to stick around for a while. If we're going to see blu-ray Macs, and how can we not, iTV will have to be able to handle 1080p content.

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  • dylan6950204
    Jan 10, 09:09 PM
    i personaly would go wiht the ipod becuse it is made by apple witch always makes it that much better

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  • v66jack
    Mar 22, 06:19 PM
    - remove the click wheel
    - extend the screen to fill up the front face
    - slap in a multi touch display
    - 220GB for movie watching & games, lotsa games

    This is an iPod Tocuh, I like that Apple keep the Classic. Arguably it's the product which helped them become the company they are today. Would be a shame to see it die. Also I know a few people who are die hard Classic fans. They dont want games, touch screens and all that nonsense.

    Whats wrong with just having a simple mp3 Player?

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 25, 04:49 PM
    Wireless controllers for iPad and TV dock or something please.

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  • BB1970
    Mar 22, 04:16 PM
    Like another poster said:

    220 GB
    Thunderbolt (though that won't happen)

    I love my iOS devices, but there's something nice about a tactile, clicking and scrolling player. Especially made out of metal. Yeah, it's dated, and it's sorta of clunky to navigate, but it "feels" real.

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 2, 07:26 PM
    That's funny. Your description lists every apple product you own except the iPad 2 :o

    good point, he doesn't have an ipad he is just trolling.

    people don't understand that if 1,000 ipads have a problem with backlight bleeding, thats still only .01% of ipad 2s Sold.

    And apple will replace any ipad with backlight bleeding

    cute anime boy names. anime boy names. Faith In A Boy; Faith In A Boy. lmalave. Oct 3, 02:19 PM. lets hope we get new MBPs before Macworld in Jan! in Jan i hope to get iTV,
  • anime boy names. Faith In A Boy; Faith In A Boy. lmalave. Oct 3, 02:19 PM. lets hope we get new MBPs before Macworld in Jan! in Jan i hope to get iTV,

  • skunk
    Mar 19, 02:56 PM
    yet again it goes back to who has AWACS which yet again is the US.The French and British also have AWACS capabilities.

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  • burnside
    Apr 26, 01:40 PM
    Windows and Amazon are not a generic names. If Microsoft would have named it "Operating System" then that would be generic. If Amazon were named "Online Store" then that would be generic. I'm sure Amazon could have named App Store something else, but then again, it's such a known term now that instantly helps customers identify what they are looking at.

    I like Apple products, but they're beginning to be one of the most anal companies out there.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 10, 11:15 AM
    I've obviously never tried any of the fancy auto shifting modern cars.

    My KIA has selectronic shifting, and it's fun to go "over there", now and then. ;)

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 24, 02:08 AM
    it appears you forgot about that light that dims and brightens when the machine sleeps :D
    the blue-ray drive will provide that function :p

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 11:56 AM
    Just because 256 is 'perfect' for you does not mean it is perfect for everyone else. I need 500GB SSD. External drive solutions are just way to slow compared to internal SSD. The SSD upgrade on my Laptop was the best upgrade ever, now I want an 27'' iMac with 500GB SSD and lots of memory.

    500GB of SSM ? Holey Moley Daddy Warbucks.

    PS: you should check out the new PCI SSD (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227581), when they start making external PCI enclosures for "ThunderCat"...youll be golden buddy:)

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  • ncbill
    Jan 11, 08:17 PM
    13" screen means you can only shave about a pound off the Macbook's current weight - so a 4lb, not 3lb. notebook.

    If the above is true, then I guess this is not a macbook lite, but a macbook pro lite, so I'd expect starting price of $1999.

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  • camelsnot
    Apr 2, 08:20 PM
    have one but that commercial makes me want to puke. Once you use one and realize it's limitations, it's not so magical. It's a fun consumption device which you can get some work done on, but without real multitasking, it's lack of real technology actually hinders and isn't so magical.

    With apple it was never about the hardware technology. They have at least that right in the commercial (the only thing right).

    Job$, instead of waxing philosophical with your over-inflated ego in embarrassingly inaccurate commercials, how about trying to innovate. iOS should've had REAL multitasking years ago. Quit pandering cheap to make speed bumps at the same prices, as something magical. DO something magical. You built iOS off a phone, morphed into an ipod touch and now an ipad (yes.. a larger version of the touch, but in a better form factor). That was just smart business. ALWAYS repurpose what you can. BUS101. Now do something magical with the OS.

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  • roland.g
    Sep 1, 01:21 PM
    knowing Apple they may put a $1,999 price on it at intro, since they know there will be a mad rush of faithful. Then after a month or two when sales settle, drop the price to $1,899 for the holiday season. Both those prices could be $100 lower, depending on what the base config offers.

    Sep 11, 05:39 PM

    That one looks decent. It's also on amazon in black or blue and comes with a screen protector, but does not have free shipping (~$6 for shipping).

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042L9J4G/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_2?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B001FWYXD2&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=159BBYV8FRJJCKH8WBHH (Includes Mirror Screen Protector)

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042LHDPI/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_1?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B001FWYXD2&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=159BBYV8FRJJCKH8WBHH (Includes Clear Screen Protector)

    I'm currently holding off for a case that protects more than just the back.

    Jul 19, 08:12 PM
    I'm about ready to buy a 20" iMac but I want the new OS. How long do I have to wait?

    January best time to buy. New OS is pre-installed, no need to buy computer and OS.
    Besides the iMac will either get Meron in about 2 weeks or will get Conroe. Wait!!!!! Get the new machine and new OS together. Just a few months.

    Sep 1, 01:25 PM
    Just a general wonderment but why is it that upgrading the RAM on your made-to-order MacBook from the Apple Store online will run you up to $500 ($450 if you're a student) yet on the iMac and MacBook Pro the most it will cost you is $300 ($270 if you're a student)?

    I don't buy my RAM from Apple usually but it just seems very off to me anyway. The only time I bought RAM from them is when I bought my MBP... the sales guy convinced me easily because by that time I was salivating so much over the MBP, I was willing to pay a few extra bucks to be able to take it home from the Apple Store fully loaded. I'm an impatient guy, what can I say?*:D

    Jan 13, 02:44 AM
    Bluetooth headphones?

    being a bit of an audiophile, bluetooth headphones being my only option would definitely cause me not to buy this. if only for that one reason. i didn't buy $250 in-ears to sit around while i use the junk apple provides with their ipod, only wirelessly.

    and knowing that jobs himself is a bit of an audiophile, he'd never sign off on this.

    this thing is going to have ports. even the iphone and ipod touch do. sorry guys.

    Jul 14, 02:19 AM
    Pioneer has a desktop reader, but it is very expensive (around $1000 USD).

    The BDR-101 is actually a writer as well as a reader, and to be fair at $1000 [or rather around �650.00 over this side of the pond] it's pretty well priced when considering the cost of the first batch of DVD writers, eg. the Pioneer DVR-S201 authoring drive that retailed at a whacking cost of �12,000! General media writers were by definition significantly cheaper, but I recall purchasing our first DVD-R writer at a cost of around �350.00, with DVD-R5 blank media at around �15.00 a pop - so the economies of scale, etc., IMO makes BD at a pretty good starting point.

    As for the Sony BD story I feel a lot of people are indeed watching how well the PS3 takes off to then try and validate the outcome and success of BD. But as you rightly said it's historic and as with the PS2 being such a huge success story which then solidified the consumer need for DVD as a new medium; certainly in Japan the green lights shone very brightly for DVD as a consequence of the PS2 success story!

    But all in all personally speaking I hope BD wins; from a technical viewpoint it's able to offer a lot of new and quite exciting features that aren't possible on HD-DVD. And I know my next statement is probably going to cause controversy but HD-DVD is [in simple terms] simply a DVD-Video, but with larger capacity! I know that's generalising A LOT!!

    Yes, HD-DVD requires a lot less re-tooling for replication houses, which in turn means it's cheaper to bring to market BUT BD has a lot to offer and I hope and prey it's given a chance!

    Anyway, here's to hoping... ;)

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