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Saline Bird Concept
Saline Bird Concept
Saline Bird Concept
Saline Bird Concept

Saline Bird Concept

Saline Bird Notion is actually a race motorbike developed for the Les Triplettes de Bonneville. The motorbike is powered by an compressed air engine fed by 3 air tanks having a complete capacity of 27 liters. All of technical elements are mounted on a frame produced of carbon fiber. The place of the biker is directly inspired by pace skier placement for superior aerodynamics. The traditional physique panels are replaced by leather skin parts which could be slipped on and off “like a sock” to be able to change among the distinct classes (with physique panel or with out it). It could also be turned right into a street design by replacing the handlebar. Technical partners with the project comprise MDI (engine), LUXFER (air tank) and BRM. The Saline Bird Concept was created by 5 style college students at the ISD of Valenciennes (France) for his or her 2010-2011 last project.

Designers: Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo , Adrien Fuinesl, Frédéric Dobbelstein, Jean-Philippe Paries

2011 New Honda Revo Released
2011 New Honda Revo

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will release a motorcycle (underbone) entry-level. Most likely this model is the New Honda Revo 2011.

Honda Revo 2012 is suppose to adopt the design that is no different to the Honda Wave, 2011, which was introduced in Thailand in mid January 2011.

Wave, in the land of white elephant, with a capacity of 110 cc engine equipped with the latest engine technology PGM-FI (injection). What is the latest Revo going off into injection carburetor engine or just pick Wave design.

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS Launched

TVS Motors has launched the Apache RTR 180 ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system) version priced at Rs. 78, 800 (ex-showroom, Delhi) in New Delhi right now.

The ABS version is Rs. nine,000 a lot more than the regular Apache RTR 180. The RTR ABS is India’s initial bike below Rs one lakh with an anti-lock braking system, which may help massively in braking conditions on slippery or loose surfaces. TVS claims that the new Apache RTR 180 ABS, which might be offered in white only, could have twenty - 30% much better stopping energy than the non-ABS edition, especially on wet roads. Curiously, addressing bike enthusiasts, TVS has provided provision to change off the ABS, for once you would like to pull powerslides and stoppies. It has to get mentioned that Apache RTR 180 ABS is the first Indian bicycle to function ABS.

The TVS Apache RTR 180 bike is going to be fitted with ABS elements including a toothed gear about the inner circle on the rear disc brake together with the front disc brake, that will function a proximity sensor connected for the hydraulic ECU (HECU) to detect wheel lockup. The ABS program, based on feedback through the proximity sensors, will make certain the wheels don’t skid throughout panic/hard braking.

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