Friday, June 24, 2011

net high heels shoes

'm new to the forum, in fact this is my first post here. I've been doing leatherworking for a short time now and I've become completely addicted to it as a hobby. It's amazing all of the things you start to realize that you can make for everyday use.

One of the things that has really really grabbed my interest lately is in making sandals and shoes. I haven't found a lot of information but the one book about sandals that I keep coming back to is the Sandal Making book available through Tandy. For shoes the book that I keep coming back to is from I'm wondering if anyone else has any information they might like to share on making shoes and sandals. I'm not looking to make the next great leather dress shoe, what I'm looking for is simple designs that I can make and wear on a regular basis. During the summer I wear almost nothing but flip flops and so making sandals has really been something I've wanted to try here lately.

Does anyone know of any other ebooks or websites that have good information about sandal and shoe making? Or any online tutorials? I was thinking about making a fishermans sandal that I saw on but being a visual type person I'd liked to have seen more pictures of the finished sandal to get a better idea of what I'm supposed to end up with.

Anyway as a beginner any information the group might be able to steer me towards would be thx

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