Thursday, June 30, 2011

Car Modification Boosting Power Machines

Car Modification
To achieve greater horsepower, of course, to do some modifications and additions to the device on the engine. What can be done to boost the horsepower numbers? Here are some tips you can apply

Upgraded engine is divided into two categories namely Normally aspirated (N / A) and the Forced Air Induction. The difference lies in how to incorporate air into the engine. On N / A, no change in the system of air entering the intake manifold. But in Forced Air induction, air is forced into the intake manifold in a very high pressure with the help of a tube compressor.

Upgrade category N / A:

  1. ported polish
  2. Replacement or oversized piston. Enlarge the piston will increase cc and increasing strength.
  3. Changing the amount of the valve.
  4. Enlarge Noken or chamsaft.
  5. Doing the replacement ECU (Engine Control Unit) with standard after market ECU is racing or to remapping the ECU. The goal is to transform the data from the engine management system to all engine components.
  6. Upgrading ignition. Ie, replace all components ranging from ignition coil, spark plugs and spark plug wires with the product for racing.
  7. Using the alias Racing Exhaust Manifold header. Use of these devices will increase about 10-15 hp.
  8. Addition Piggy Bag. ECU functions to manipulate data. The addition of piggy bag could increase by 20-30 hp.
  9. The use of volt stabilizer. With equalizes the voltage across car power network, the performance is expected to rise about 6 hp.

Upgrade category Forced-Air-Induction:

Adding devices Nitrous Oxide System (NOS). NOS can increase the engine power is instantaneously around 50-70 hp. The disadvantage, NOS is only used for a while just because consumption is too long or frequently will damage engine components. When not activated, then the engine performance will not change from the original

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