Thursday, June 30, 2011

Car Tips Correct Braking Techniques

Car Tips
Braking is the most important thing in mind when driving a car. Ironically there are many driver who do not know the correct braking technique.

Even in safety riding training curriculum, the braking material is material that is first taught in the menus while driving. Talk to engine brake, braking effect is caused by a decrease rotation speed of the engine (not for type matic), could help reduce vehicle speed.

But who could stop the vehicle is braking. If the braking technique is mastered, self-confidence will increase and braking distances can be shortened. In practice, you can try some braking. Ie using only the rear brake, front brake only and last try with the correct braking technique by using both brakes.

In ideal conditions try to feel and compare the resulting braking distance.

  • Drive with a certain speed. To start, 40 km / h is enough to we can train basic techniques braking. Use up to 4 teeth.
  • At the moment we decided to halt, the first thing to do is release the gas rotation (deceleration). The position of the hand is currently holding full throttle (no finger standby on the front brake lever).
  • Then the next step is to pull the hand brake lever is squeezed forward in a way (such as shaking hands) and at the same time the brakes behind the right leg as a counterweight. Make sure the car upright position (not tilted) so that the risk of slipping does not occur.
  • Just as a car would stop, pull the clutch lever so that the machine does not die and the lower left leg when stopped.

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