Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maximizing the Minimum Budget for Building Modifications Car Audio

Modifications Car Audio
Minimal budget not an obstacle to good-quality car audio. Here are some tips to maximize your budget in building the audio. The first thing that should be prioritized is the head unit.

Head unit must inevitably good. What good is equipped with processors, so there is cross overnya, equalizer and time correction. These features are to effect a good sound stage in the car. The second is the selection of speakers. To save money is recommended to use 2-way systems. Type of soft dome tweeters could be an option to create a thicker sound effects. To use the type of subwoofer recommended a $ 4 ohm single coil.

This is to maximize power. Because the smaller the value ohmnya, then the power required will be even greater. Figures 4 ohms is good enough to obtain maximum output. Selection of the power amplifier 4 channel system should use to set the split front speakers and sub ​​woofer with an average watt speakers and subwoofer 100 watts minimum 300 watts bridged. The main fuse wires must be good so do not often shaken because loose.

Cable Stroom select a size 4 AWG or 8 AWG to hantarnya maximum power while a double RCA cable select ded seal let not easily scratched. This is to avoid sound distortion. To build up the audio with options such components is estimated to cost can be cheap.

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