Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Modifications Car Stay Comfortable and Safe

Modifications Car
Foot car into the target brain-tweaking the car modification lovers. Most of the legs shortened to create the impression of "flat". The more "flat", because the car seems more stylish look more unique and much different from the original version.

Changing the legs is fine, but there are some things that should be taken to ensure that modifications do not affect the comfort and driving safety. It is recommended that car owners do not arbitrarily shorten the legs of a car.

If a replaced the suspension should also be adjusted. Do not change a course but still wearing the original Shockbreaker. Its effect on the level of comfort and safety. One-one car could be giddy. In general, changes made ​​after the owner change a wheel with a larger size. These changes are necessary to improve the appearance and comfort.

If larger wheels replaced the automatic spacing between the tires with fender so increased that looks less good. The suspension also grew louder. The solution is to shorten the per. If a shortened, then Shockbreaker should be replaced with something stronger to compensate.

Because the shorter the spring, the soft suspension or reduction of the length per software also has its limits. Faisal, who had 20 years to cultivate the fields of the legs suggest this car for 4-5 cm.Lebih safe limit of 5 cm, comfort will decrease drastically and could disrupt the movement. How to shorten a can be done by cutting or replace it with a Lower Ring kit. The latter is a specially produced shorter than the standard version.

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