Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Airbrush for Car Modification

Airbrush Car Modification
IN the car modification lovers, art aka airbrush paints to dress the face of the vehicle. Car body or motor seems to be a canvas that can be drawn to the theme at will. One of the airbrush artist who often subscribed to a motorcycle or car modification is Dian Prawito. Men are more commonly known by the nickname eighth (lefty) is to pursue the art of airbrush to vehicles since 2003.

Many modifications to the car repair shop in the city either on the roadside or hidden, Airbrush shop is always crowded when the season arrives motor modifications contest.

Realist style of course more difficult and take longer than the graphic style. The quality of material used also affects the price. According to him, the difference in the quality of the materials can be viewed at the level of durability and glossy paint. Maintenance problems, the body is already in-the airbrush body paint was no different than usual because it was difinishing with a protective coating.

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