Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Car Tips Check Brake System In Routine

Car Tips
MANY people have an opinion, if the cars from the road only. What is important can be used. But, what about stopping? This one is not to stop any origin. Could be forced to show my body if the brake system (brake) do not work perfectly. In order to remain able to function well to check some parts of the brake system. There are several symptoms that occur. When this component is not working normally. Like when the pedal brakes, car veered to the right or left. Chances are one of the front brake more quickly than the brakes lock on the other side.

The cause could be piston brakes are weak or there is a blockage in the brake hose to brake caliper or brake master. Another thing might be when applied, did not seem to want to stop quickly. Check the brake lining, the possibility has started thinning. Applying the brakes, round stationary disturbed? If it does get replaced the rubber brake booster. And if that's better done in a workshop alone. However, there are things that can dilakukakan own.

Most easily done, of course, check the height of the brake fluid in the tube. If not immediately added to the DOT brake fluid with the same. If any want to add, do not get past the maximum line marked on the tube. Note also the color of the brake fluid if necessary cloudy brake fluid depletion. Brake fluid is contaminated muddy dirt. It may be of rubber on the wall of the brake hose or a change due to frequent high pressure when the brake is operated. How? The old brake fluid be drained by opening the bolt on the caliper or master nepel brake.

As he relaxed, stepped on the brake pedal repeatedly so that the brake fluid out. Do not forget, put new brake fluid in the tube, to prevent colds. Every now and keep the lid nepel berulangulang tread brake pedal so the pedal back to normal height, and then reopen nepelnya. Do it until the brake fluid out of the clear nepel back. Please note also the brake hose. Clean the hose from dirt, then check carefully. Is cracked or slang is soft. To prevent leaks in the hose, if the ride was over 6 years old, this should replace the brake hose.

So is the deciding factor could mount the rate decreases, the brake lining. Do not hesitate to clean the brake in order to return to work either. All dirt should be cleaned, especially for brake systems are still drum. Because closed, a lot of dirt or dust in it so annoying brake systems work. In drum brakes, there are dislodged from the chassis, so it should be checked too closely the condition of the brake. If you already use a system of ABS (antilock braking system), if the ABS light turns on, immediately take it to the garage for inspection.

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