Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elegant Stylish Safety Car Modifications

Car Modifications
Car style this one is unique. If auto-modif generally lovers who adopt a style racing wing car racing. His appearance was made more elegant than the flow leads to racing. Before the modified style safety car, the 1995 Accord Cello didandaninya was once full of racing for a year. Now try to find a concept that has never existed, anyway, other than others. Safety Car as it's not there.

Although the safety car is identical to circuit racing, we wanted the car more elegant look. Because now all the lot that leads to a sporty or racing. The cars were mostly manufacturers of sporty style. Diperlihatkannya elegant style with

reduce the sticker-style racing stripes. So that the body was more noticeable plain with original silver paint. The addition of lights or rotator sturbo above the long hood is the hallmark of a safety car. In addition, there was no exterior changes are made ​​Agus except wheels mounted on a custom R18 tires 225/35-nya.

Inside the cabin, the interior changes are clearly visible on the replacement of MB Tech seat cover with red and Momo steering wheel. The addition of accessories such as lights on the bottom of the dashboard and the use of rubber carpet silver color adds a little color on a futuristic
interior. In audio systems, Agus install two sub woofers and tweeters GBR vocal series to support the Pioneer head unit with a power amplifier Mohawk. He also added two Acoustic 350 farad capacitor bank.

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