Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bikini Body Tips From Audrina Partridge

Hexy Sexy Audrina Patridge from The Hills is known for one thing, its beach and its body (artificial silicone) curves. Make them a popular model for Bongo Jeans about, Audrina and half-naked, that's a good idea.

The Hills after she has now had her own reality show. Lately, however, made ​​Audrina more negative headlines, because they had become very thin, yet she now speaks just about the perfect bikini -body, in the shape, the cover model, she is currently. Voila:

"I do not even think about it when I wear a bikini, because that has always been a part of my lifestyle. But I have friends who are so afraid to show their bodies, they always leave a towel or a sarong around his waist when they're on the beach or poolside.

That's a shame, because anyone can look great in a bathing suit! "(But maybe not the next mega-trained ... Audrina? ). Sport was the silver bullet for the bikini-body: Audrina loves biking, beach volleyball, hiking and jogging with her ​​dog, Lady, also train them intensively elsewhere.

Audrina advises to choose a suitable figure for the bikini, "so many women buy the bikini worn by a VIP, and think he would have them too. But since you should be open, even if one thinks in advance, which would look good, you can be pretty surprised at the end! "(Oh nee). Beach Body-for their self and they always used sunscreen, a beach-hair she washes only 2x a week and used dry shampoo in between.

Against dry ends hilfet according to the U.S. starlet Moroccans oil that is rubbed on here. And: "It smells so good! So the hairs break off when less Käammen ". Before then she goes to the beach, makes Miss Patridge Or a quiet sit-ups and small fitness exercises: "This is the body with blood and I feel tighter and better. The skin turns a rosy glow. " Well then let's see if these tips help to get a bikini body Audrina à la ...

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