Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Let Loose

Lindsay Lohan is no longer under house arrest. The actress was sentenced to the 35-day sentence after a boutique in a stolen necklace should have. In addition, they had violated their parole conditions, which are due to drunken driving in the year 2007. Yesterday, on 29 June, she finally left her property for the first time in nearly a month. They did not, however, as initially suspected , on the way to a party. Instead, she took her 480 hours of community service, they must serve in a center for women in Los Angeles.

When Lohan was asked how she felt with her newfound freedom, said the 24-year-old: "I'm looking forward to begin the community service and focus on my work."

The actress must be in addition to community service to participate in an anti-kleptomania training. It was originally sentenced to 120 days in jail even, but instead got house arrest, since the prison was overcrowded and she believes the judge posed no threat to others. Shawn Holley said her lawyer recently said: "Anybody could get house arrest with her ​​background, that was not special treatment."

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