Monday, June 27, 2011

Did Lady Gaga Benefit From Japanese Tsunami?

Lady Gaga is sued. The singer would have benefited from the Tsunami that devastated Japan to raise money.

Lady Gaga will have to answer to justice. The singer was attacked by Ari Kresch, a lawyer in Michigan. He thinks the young woman took advantage of the Tsunami that devastated Japan in March to add money to his own fortune, according RadarOnline . The singer had sold bracelets to help the victims of Japan at a price of 3.50 euros with an additional 3.10 euros postage. However, according to Ari Kresch, she never disclosed the cost of production of these bracelets and donate the amount it had in Japan.

Lady Gaga could lose the lawsuit and have to give $ 3.5 million. For now, the girl has not responded to these accusations. The singer is currently in the middle of promoting her new album, Born This Way. She was also in Tokyo, Japan on June 25 to interpret several titles before his fans at a concert. Always extravagant, Lady Gaga will soon be meeting his public for a new world tour.

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