Monday, June 27, 2011

Pamela Silva Conde To Anchor "Primer Impacto"

When Pamela Silva Conde was a university student and sent your resume to the central Univision in Miami, Florida for an internship, not accepted. Recognizes that was frustrated but not defeated.

He then went to another TV station in town that had no internship program. He spoke with general manager and began his internship without pay. "It was a summer to learn, was an unforgettable experience," she tells TODAY in an interview.

A Univision was incorporated more than 8 years ago, shortly before graduating from college and started from the bottom: it was a production assistant, general producer, reporter, presenter at the Miami branch and correspondent on "Here and Now," the which will remain.

So the fact that as of July 5 Barbara Bermudo accompany the conduct of the news program "Primer Impacto", was not something from heaven or caused by the fact that he is married to Cesar Conde, current president of the Univision Network.

Conde Silva knows the comments generated after his appointment and respects them.

"Everyone is entitled to give their opinion. Fortunately I consider myself a person with an open mind, and that allowed me to respect the opinion of the people and also learn from the criticisms, opinions, which may arise and try to get the most positive of these comments, but do not ignore "he said.

The Peruvian believes that reach as much recognition program "Primer Impacto" is a dream come true for any journalist, but also a great challenge and responsibility to present a program of this caliber at the national level.

"For me personally I am very pleased to continue within the company that has seen me literally" he said.

Although the newsmagazine "Primer Impacto" has a definite structure and is a well established, Conde Silva aims to provide something fresh and new and more in this new phase of the program.

Emphasizes that his appointment is all that will change in the program, which will generally have a new stage with new rings and other novelties.

"What I hope to bring the experience 'street', my travels, my stories, I want to transfer it to the screen. I always say that what has struck me throughout my career are those people I have known, the human interest stories that touch you, and keep giving the news that perspective, to create awareness among the public, in a firm, but also with a very warm and human side, "he said.

His personal story is very human and real "Cinderella modern and professional."

Born in Lima, Peru and emigrated to the U.S. when he was nearly 11 years. His mother had emigrated to this country two years earlier time when Pamela lived with her grandmother.

"Yes it was a difficult transition to come because I had nobody, but my mom and she came to this country with the mindset that I wanted a better future for myself, and fortunately this country opens the door especially as a child I came to a place where the mentality is that no matter the socio-economic development. That if you study, work, dedication and will you focus, anything is possible ", he said.

Remain in 'Here and Now'

When he began his journalism career, Silva wanted to perform at the Conde journalism. On the recommendation of a college professor, who saw her potential, he chose journalism on television.

Thus began their internships on television and although we will see Monday through Friday as a presenter, a journalist is within your genetics, says they will continue with its special features for "Here and now."

"The most beautiful aspect of this is that I will continue to work with 'Here and Now', to me personally it gives me peace because I will be able to pursue this kind of story," he said.

Time is what is missing, but says, find it because he loves his job. "When you enjoy what you do not see it as work. You see it as a blessing and enjoy it. I realize how blessed I am to work in a highly competitive industry, able to exercise the profession I have studied and enjoy, "he said.

And those 'heel impact'

Already in a more frivolous subject, plus reports and stories, "Primer Impacto", has been characterized by its presenters have an impeccable fit and always high heels "impact."

Something that will not cost much to Silva Conde, who is considered very feminine, even when their stories if you prefer to wear tennis shoes or boots.

"It will be a change, but I am aware that the image must be a balance there must be inner peace and a good intellectual level."

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