Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daphne Roulier to i-Tele?

With the programming schedules of school, endless chains of changing presenters. Chain i> Télé is no exception since, according to our colleagues Puremedias.com , Daphne Roulier could happen in place of Julian Bugi . Officer on the box it 17/20 hours. Daphné Roulier currently presents the show The Butterfly Effect every Saturday on Canal +. As for the box 22:30 on i> Télé, it would be occupied by Robert Victor , the former presenter of The Butterfly Effect , also on Canal + on Saturday afternoon.

According to Pure Media , Daphne Roulier and Robert Victor could do on their return i> TV.

According to Pure Media, Daphne Roulier, who currently hosts the Butterfly Effect on Canal +, could happen on the space 17h-20h of continuous news channel, in place of Julian Bugi , chosen by France 2 to become the Joker Laurent Delahousse .
For his part Robert Victor, the host of ' Another twelve o'clock , broadcast on Canal + on Saturday, could take the box 10:30 p.m. to 0:30. While Marc-Olivier Fogiel was announced a while on this box, the negotiations have not resulted between it and the chain.

Victor Robert would have the burden to animate the new major appointments i> as the TV channel wants to install on this box a kind of Grand Journal bis , in which guests would take stock of the day's news.

For now the chain has not communicated about it.

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