Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview with Alice Brivio

The model plays with our questions "under the umbrella".

Alice Brivio, the best discovery of 2011 calendars, portrayed by the great photographer Dario Plozzer for twelve shots full of sensuality, of course, very much appreciated and went like hot cakes, now enjoys his first summer with 18 year old with many projects and lots of rest.

After his study commitments with maturity at the high school Language and choice of university to do (or veterinary faculty of languages) Alice is also involved along with his manager Luciano Silighini Garagnani to evaluate the many proposals coming to the beautiful model and showgirl Milan thanks to the success of its calendar this year has seen victory on newsstands with 95 thousand copies sold well.

Silighini has indicated that there is a going in exclusive negotiations with a film production company that would like a film starring Alice imminent start filming: "There is an important director and writer who for some 'months is discussing with me the possible participation of Alice in his upcoming film. I have already reached a basic agreement with the production company. Aa September for sure there will be some interesting news. The entertainment world is changing and the public desire for new faces and clean and Alice is not only the sexy calendar girl , who goes beyond the banal phrases can already see the elegance and purity that oozes from his shots and also Many directors and producers of network they remember. "

Meanwhile, Alice shows us her beauty even in shots taken by Francesco Caruso for the Spanish magazine "Intervi├║" . So, after the release of "The Sun" , one of the few Italian models to have a space on London's most famous tabloid, even "foreign taste" for the model Italian.

Hello Alice, play some 'summer with a few questions. Your winter has been .... would you like your summer ...

The winter was challenging and stressful. The summer I wish it was relaxing but full of fun.

What are your favorite destinations for the summer?

Definitely a beach resort. Where I could relax on the beach enjoying the sun, but where to find a job more fun for the evening.

Summer Clothes: What you can not miss in your wardrobe?

Well certainly summer dresses and sandals ... and then I have to confess to a weakness for accessories like bags and straw hats.

Food and drink: What's your ideal summer menu?

Menu based on fish or fresh fruit and vegetables! A healthy diet and light. As for drinks: no preference! Just that they are very fresh and not overly sweet.

Relaxation and fitness: what you enjoy doing during the week to feel good about your body?

Gym, walking and healthy eating. And essential to their well-being, laughter with friends.

The sun: sport bikini, bikini sexy, swimsuit whole but trendy, topless at all costs, only topless in the right place ...

Bikini or swimsuit whole quite trendy! No topless. I do not like to see her breasts on the beach. Probably because I do not appreciate the fact that my breasts just prosperous.

Evening party, the perfect look to impress ...

Bare legs and high heels! Unfortunately I can not count on the neckline (Laughs. ..).

he three essential elements for a romantic evening unforgettable.

I'm not a romantic girl. I'd settle for a dinner and a stroll by the sea. Occasions too soppy and built are not for me.

Love: Your summer will be winning (it seems that Alice is still single ...)?

For now my summer is a big question mark. Definitely will not miss the fun in the company of this are already safe.

What you read in the umbrella and can not miss what song on your MP3 player?

Under the umbrella I hope to have chance to read one of the many books I bought during the year and that several issues still have not been able to open. And in my mp3 surely will not miss the commercial hits in recent months on which to dance and sing.

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