Monday, July 18, 2011

Michelle Hunziker Give Her Bodyguard A Second Chance

Michelle Hunziker (34) definitely has a good heart. The Wetten, dass ..? presenter has their Bodygaurd Frederico (26) reinstated. After she found last week because of a tattoo on his upper arm, that this is a fairly radical past and told her this is not its own choice, dismissed him. Michelle was shocked and disappointed by the emotional betrayal of her bodyguard.

Like the picture but now reported, Frederico has let the discussion of his tattoos with a rose and a heart with wings on sting and Michelle asked for forgiveness. She told the newspaper: "Frederico has apologized to me and my family for his past. Also that he has not played from the start with an open hand and told us that he frequented earlier in these circles. He has asked me to give him another chance. I've thought about it and think that everyone deserves a second chance in life. " The bodyguard himself spoke against the image of the positive spin: "I regret my past and I have to do for a long time nothing more with the right scene . I'm so glad I got a second chance. "

This may well be the bodyguard but really, for so accommodating and kind like Michelle in this case would probably not react any star.

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