Sunday, July 17, 2011

Has Eva Mendes Gained Weight?

Since it can be anyone at the time but going well! New pictures of actress Eva Mendes (37) show the otherwise lean men dream unusual PROPER . While many of her colleagues to match the last summer the perfect bikini figure has risen, it seems Eva cared to have been at their winter fat - or is that just an unfortunate photo and wide pants appear to be her legs like two tree trunks? Strange would it already, if Eve would have increased only on the legs, because waist, arms and face shows no signs of extreme weight gain . And actually, from a different perspective you can see that Eva's legs are still as lean as ever, seem to be. So we can give the all clear, nothing has changed to Eva! But it is already common, such as an "unfortunate" picture can seem like someone twenty kilos heavier!

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