Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wipers cause streaks on the car windshield

car windshield
Question: If it rains, my wipers turn on and the sound continues, even a scratch, on the car windshield I wonder why?

Splash of water that rains will obstruct vision of motorists, so make sure the wipers are in good health. Wiper helps remove rainwater and dew glass. If the wipers are showing signs of stalled or later, immediately check the electric system. Usually the damage caused by electrical currents that break up or the gears are broken relationship, or a broken fuse, and damage to the starter motor. If the wiper moving normally, but can not wipe the rain water properly, usually due to a hard rubber wiper. So will cause scratches on glass. Replace the new wiper rubber, so as not to interfere with vision when driving in rainy season.

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