Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miley Cyrus Now Has A Finger Tattoo

Miley Cyrus (18) has done it again! When the young singer can not get enough of something, then there are tattoos . Meanwhile, Miley's body already decorated richly adorned, so already have a heart and a small cross their fingers, the word "Love" can be read in their ears, "Just Breathe" has come up with Miley stand under the chest, a dream catcher adorns her page and a few weeks ago she has one anchor tattooed on the wrist - a lot for a 18-year-old Miley And probably really can not get enough because now she presented on Twitter their latest achievement . Now has two, small, fine strokes her ring finger - what is the meaning of the well? "All love is equal," she twittered as an explanation. A slogan that stands for equal rights for homosexuals and aims to show that it does not matter who you love - whether heterosexual or homosexual, ultimately counts is the love itself! A beautiful message that has been chosen as Miley, right? How do you like for your new tattoo? Is here with!

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