Thursday, July 21, 2011

Safe Driving After Evening

Safe Driving
Riding the car during the day would really different to when dark skies dominate. Visibility is more limited, making you need to implement specific tactics to stay can go fast but safe.

One barrier is the driver's view of the headlights of the vehicle from the opposite direction. Different if it is in a car protected by a windshield, the driver had no protector so the lights were very disturbing.

Even see the bright lights at night can cause momentary blindness. Therefore avoid looking at the lights directly. Conversely, avoid also the use of lights (high beam) when passed a vehicle, especially cars, so as not to interfere with vision.

You may feel very recognize the condition of the road, any sign-rambunya even when driving during the day. But the conditions will be different when driving at night.

Lamp street lights that are less able to inhibit the view. For these conditions, the use of lights (high beam) is also required. Protective glass on the helmet that also need attention. In general, using one type of glass helmet shield (visor) which tend to be dark, so it is only suitable for driving in the daytime.

When the night, the view became very disturbed. Therefore, make sure to have a lighter or visor photocromatic wear visors. This type of automatic protective glass will become darker when the sun is hot, and will come back more brightly as the sun sank.

The important thing is to keep a safe distance in order to brake properly, keep a safe speed in order to remain in control of the motor on the condition of a sudden, and certainly not reckless.

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