Friday, July 29, 2011

Kijang Innova Innovations New Models

Grand New Kijang InnovaThe Journey of Innovation Market Leader

Jakarta - Along with the strengthening position as a family vehicle Innova is more than merely functional, Toyota complement its product range by presenting a Grand New Kijang Innova in the event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2011 at the Jakarta International (JIExpo) Kemayoran, Jakarta. Grand New Kijang Innova appearance at IIMS 2011 times This is a series of events to officially launch two days before the opening of the 19th auto show this.
The full line of Innova with the most recent appearance was proved Toyota's commitment to continue to innovate in providing the best products and services to its customers. "The presence of Grand New Kijang Innova is part of Toyota's effort to continue to serve beyond expectation to our customers, especially for family vehicles that are very interested in this," said Johnny Darmawan, as President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor.With Prestige & Aggressive design concept, Toyota developed a design that changed quite drastically, especially on the exterior, as well as adjust to the needs of local users in Indonesia. Grand New Toyota Kijang Innova comes with a new, more aggressive look but do not forget the ride comfort is enhanced through various features of the new design on the interior.Not only the present value beyond expectation or provide more value to customers, but Toyota also equip it with the joy of owning or driving fun, happy to use and self-image for the users of the Kijang Innova. The new look Grand New Kijang Innova confirms continuous innovation at the most legendary family car ideal for the family of Indonesia.
Exterior side of the front of the Grand New Kijang Innova featuring an elegant impression with changes to the front bumper and hood and radiator grille molding. By using the design view a more rounded head lamp integrates with the front bumper and also a straight line on the radiator grille makes Grand New Kijang Innova able to look more aggressive. Plus additional grooves on the bonnet and a sharper head lamp adds a strong impression. Coupled with a new alloy wheel design adds a fresh take on this Indonesian family's favorite vehicle.
Elegant impression will be more visible from the exterior side of Grand New Kijang Innova in the rocker panels and body side body color molding and outer mirrors with side turn lamp. Similarly, the back of the rear combination lamps and rear license garnish.Affirmation of the impression of elegance and comfort will be increasingly felt upon entering the cabin room Grand New Kijang Innova. Ornaments of wood on the steering wheel and gear shifting tool on the Grand New Kijang Innova to the changes seen easily from the interior. More than that, Toyota applied the Joy of Owning through the new features on the audio system for comfort while driving the In Car Entertainment, with CD/MP3/WMA facilities, DVD, AUX, DTS sound processing as well as the latest After sales service support guide (maintenance quick guide, dealer list, customer contact TOYOTA)
Still with the same model line-up, Grand New Kijang Innova now appear with color choices are more varied in two new colors, namely Silky Gold and Dark Steel.
Inova Recent Changes In:- New Steering Wheel with Steering Switch- New Audio 2-DIN 6 "Touchscreen, DVD, CD, MP3, USB, AUX, WMA Player- New Rear Roof Monitors- New Corner Sensor- New Front Personal Lamp & Sunglass Holder- New Wooden Panel

Tipe-Tipe Kijang Inova Terbaru :

                                                   Tipe V                                         Tipe G Luxury

                                                 Tipe E                                           Tipe G

                                               Interior Tipe V                      Tampak Samping V MT         

                                                Tipe E AT                                       Tipe G AT

                                                  Tipe J                                           Tipe V

Tipe Yang Lama

Grand New Kijang Innova

Serat – Serat Kehidupan
Karya menggelinding dalam nyanyian hari
Roda berputar berselimut kasih
Di dalam kebeningan tatap mata hati memilih
Pilihan terpatri untuk satu kedamaian

Bersama menghirup suka cita
Bersama mendendangkan lagu cinta
Bersama berkayuh rasa
Bersama berlabuh di dermaga cinta kasih keluarga
Menanggalkan keletihan hati
Menghapus gundah galau yang menghampiri

Satu pilihan yang tak menabur kecewa
Memateraikan hubungan emosional yang ada
Roda menapak kekuatan pasti
Menjadikan asa penuh enerji bak cahaya pagi
Mempertebal balutan cinta disirami butiran embun

Kekuatan keselamatan dibungkus pasti
Lewat tumpukkan karya anak negeri

Titisan nuansa indah diterapkan
Dalam fisik di atas roda yang penuh kepastian
Seutuhnya menyibak kekuatan teknologi
Dipilin ke dalam aura hidup kebersamaan
Menjadikan pilihan sebuah kehidupan........

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